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AARP's 10th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards

Movies for Grownups Awards Gala

The Gala

Movies for Grownups Awards Gala

Redford, Firth Reign

Robert Redford enthralled the crowd, Rob Reiner drew screams of laughter, and Colin Firth gave the evening a royal polish. Watch

Photo Gallery

2011 MFG Awards Slideshow

Behind the Scenes

A-list celebrities, filmmakers, and Hollywood movers and shakers mingle at the annual Movies for Grownups Gala. Watch

Movies for Grownups Awards

Maybe they're simply echoing the troubled world churning outside the theater, but this year's winning Movies for Grownups® are largely about people at midlife crisis points: A monarch confronts his most private demons (The King's Speech)…a divorced woman sees the world conspiring against her (Another Year)…three men are discarded by the company they built (The Company Men), and on it goes... Read


Movies for Grownups
Previous Winners

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from the Gala

Bill Newcott

Our Movies for Grownups editor and expert Bill Newcott reports live from the Movies for Grownups Awards gala. Read

Readers' Choice

The King's Speech

The King's Speech
Fine acting, spirited direction and a compelling story make this film a winner with our readers. Read


Movies for Grownups

Celebrate the movies that speak to the Grownup audience? Discuss

Movies and Reviews

Movies, Reviews and Stars

Share your opinions about the movies you're watching today. Discuss