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    Movies for Grownups

    Are you a movie buff? Find out with this quiz. Do

    Betty White

    How much do you know about AARP's newest celebrity member? Do

    Pop Music Quiz

    See how hip you are to today's pop music scene. Do

    Pop Culture Quiz

    Young adults tweet 'Who?' when they hear the name Dick Clark, but what do you know about today's stars? Do

    2012 Year-in-Review Quiz

    See if you've been paying attention to the past year's trends. Do


    Healthy Cooking

    Test your knowledge of safe and healthy cooking. Do

    Wine & Beverages

    See how much you know about wine and beverages. Do

    Giving Back

    Great Ways to Give Back

    How well do you know how to make a difference in the world? Do

    Making a Difference

    Do you know who is who in the world of making a difference? Do

    Struggling Seniors Quiz

    What problems do low-income seniors face? Do


    Are You a Fitness Fanatic?

    Or are you a couch potato? Find out with this quiz. Do

    Best Way to Burn Fat (BMI)

    Do you know what it takes to get fit? Do

    Health Care Reform

    Learn how the health law benefits you. Do

    Name That Symptom

    Can you diagnose what's wrong? Test your medical knowledge. Do

    Name That Condition

    Test your knowledge with this quiz. Do

    Medicare Open Enrollment

    Test yourself — and learn how to save — with our quiz. Do

    How Much Do You Know About Belly Fat?

    Test your knowledge of why it's dangerous and how to lose it. Do

    Thinking About a Hip Replacement?

    Take this quiz to test your smarts and prepare for a successful surgery. Do

    Test Your Cholesterol Smarts

    How much do you know about bad fats in food? Take our quiz. Do

    Are You a Cyberchondriac?

    Find out if too much online health info is fueling your anxiety. Do

    Immunization Quiz

    What shots do you really need? Test your smarts on vaccines for older adults. Do

    Don't Catch the Flu

    Test your smarts about how to stay well this flu season. Do

    Heart Attack Quiz

    How much do you know about the symptoms and what you should do to survive? Do

    How Much Do You Know About Kidney Stones?

    Test your smarts about this increasingly common condition. Do

    Memory Quiz

    How much do you know about forgetfulness? Do

    Statins Quiz

    How much do you know about these widely prescribed cholesterol drugs? Do

    Leg Cramps Quiz

    The more you know, the better you can kick them. Do

    Prediabetes Quiz

    How much do you know about prediabetes' causes and prevention? Do

    Over-the-Counter Cold and Flu Medicines

    How much do you know about treating sniffles and sore throats? Do

    Sleep Quiz

    How much do you know about getting a good night's sleep? Do

    The Salt in Our Foods

    How much sodium is too much — and which foods are loaded with it? Do

    Hidden Sugar Quiz

    Do you know how much sugar is hiding in your food? Do

    Gluten Quiz

    Test your smarts on why so many people seem to be going gluten-free. Do

    Hidden Fat Quiz

    Test your smarts on which foods are fat-filled. Do

    Food and Drug Interactions Quiz

    Alcohol isn't the only no-no when taking medicine. See if you can figure out other food and drug interactions. Do

    Dealing with Depression

    Test your knowledge about an often misunderstood mental illness. Do

    New American Diet Quiz

    How much do you know about weight loss? Test yourself. Do

    How High Is Your Blood Pressure IQ?

    See how much you really know about this silent killer. Do

    Hair Loss Quiz

    Test your knowledge on the basics of baldness. Do

    Build Strong Bones Quiz

    Osteoporosis is not inevitable and men can get it, too — test your knowledge of what you can do to protect your bones. Do

    Erectile Dysfunction Quiz

    Test your smarts on the prevalence, causes and treatment of ED. Do

    Do You Know the Keys to Happiness?

    Test your brain on what you know about finding happiness. Do

    Brain Quiz

    Can you tell fact from myth? Do

    COPD Symptoms and Treatments Quiz

    Do you know the symptoms, treatments and what it takes to overcome this lung disease? Do

    How Much Do You Know About Keeping Skin Healthy?

    Test yourself on the newest research in summer skin care. Do

    7 Tested Home Remedies

    Do you know which household items can calm a cough, prevent a cold and safely treat other common health problems? Do

    Can't Focus? It May Be Adult ADHD

    Test your knowledge of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Do

    Eye Quiz

    Is it time to see the eye doctor? Do

    Poison Ivy Quiz

    Do you know how to avoid this evil rash and get relief? Do

    Exercising for Brain Health Quiz

    What are the mental health benefits of exercise? Do

    Worried About Your Memory?

    Test yourself on the most effective ways of preserving mental clarity. Do

    Boost Your Brain Health by Socializing

    Test yourself about the cognitive benefits of a strong social network Do

    Mind Fitness Tips

    Find out how activity can help your brain health Do

    How Much Do You Know About Vitamin Supplements?

    Learn important health facts about vitamins Do

    Eat Smart to Stay Sharp

    Can you tell fact from myth? Do

    The Affordable Care Act and Women

    Learn about the health care law's benefits for women. Do

    Colon Cancer Screening Myths and Facts

    What you don't know about detecting cancer could hurt you. Do

    Are You at Risk for Diabetes?

    29 million American adults have it, yet 1 in 4 don't know it. Do

    Do You Know How to Recognize Hearing Loss?

    Answer the following 10 questions to see if you need to be evaluated by a professional Do

    How Does Love Affect Your Body and Mind?

    Smooching, hugging, nuzzling and, well, you know — all help you in unexpected ways Do

    Home & Garden

    Are You a Smart Driver?

    Take this quiz and see what you really know about the rules of the road. Do

    What Makes a Community Livable?

    See if you can identify some of the neighborhood features that help residents age in place. Go


    Buy This, Not that!

    Think you’re a savvy shopper? Take this quiz and find out

    Test Your Estate-Planning Smarts

    See what you know about wills, trusts and powers of attorney. Take the quiz

    Test Your Money Smarts

    Take this financial literacy test and see if you make the grade for your age group. Take the quiz

    How Do You Protect Your Credit in a Divorce?

    See how much you know about safeguarding personal finances when relationships end? Take the quiz.

    Test Your Smarts About Payday Loans

    These loans have been called a 'debt trap for consumers.' Do you know why? Take the quiz.

    Summer Savings Quiz

    Think you can spot a deal? Test your bargain-hunting knowledge. Take the quiz.

    Scams and Fraud IQ

    How prepared are you to avoid common crimes of the season? Take the quiz.

    Tax Breaks for Children Quiz

    Hardworking, tax-filing parents! Are you hip to the tax breaks you could qualify for this year? Take the quiz.

    Secondhand Electronics Quiz

    How much do you know about the art of buying used or refurbished technology? Take this quiz

    Test Your Credit Card Shopping IQ

    Did you make any mistakes this holiday season? Take this quiz

    Paying off Debt

    Know when you owe and when you don’t. Take the quiz

    Test Your Tipping Etiquette

    Find out how familiar are you with general tipping guidelines. Take the quiz

    End of Year Tax Planning Quiz

    How financially prepared are you for the 2012 tax season? Find out now

    Money Saving Skills Quiz

    Learn ways to save money on everyday expenses. Do

    Money-Saving IQ

    This quiz will challenge you to make household savings a priority. Do

    How to Safely Sell Items Online

    Think you know the ins and outs of online selling? Do

    Save Money on Gas Quiz

    Take our quiz to see how much you know about fuel efficiency. Do

    What's Your Money IQ? Wall Street and Beyond

    How much do you know about Wall Street and financial issues? Do

    What's Your Money IQ? Credit and Savings

    How much do you know about credit and savings? Do

    What's Your Money IQ? Retirement

    How much do you know about retirement finances? Do

    Can This Be Reused?

    Here are 10 household items that often end up in the trash. See how well you know how to reuse them. Do

    Debt Challenge

    Test your knowledge of credit and debt. What you learn could save you money! Do

    Is It a Scam or Is It Real?

    Do you know how phishing differs from fishing? Test your knowledge of scams and scamming methods. Do

    Elder Financial Abuse

    See how much you know about elder financial abuse, how to recognize it, and how to help people who have diminished capacity. Do

    Savings Challenge Quiz

    Are you penny-wise? See if you can answer these 10 frugal questions! Do

    Can You Spot Investment Fraud?

    Take our quiz to see how prepared you are against financial scams and schemes. Do

    Will It Hurt My Credit?

    You'll be surprised at which things impact your FICO score, credit rating. Try our online quiz. Do

    Tax Smarts

    Find out how much you reall know about taxes. Do

    Test Your 2013 Tax Knowledge

    How much do you really know about upcoming tax rules affecting your return. Take the quiz

    Personal Growth

    Are You Prepared for Your Future?

    Psychology Quiz

    How Well Do You Know the Bible?

    Test your Biblical knowledge with this quiz. Do

    Politics & Society

    Hispanic Heritage Quiz

    How much do you know about the largest U.S. ethnic minority? Do.

    Black History Trivia Quiz

    How much do you know about African Americana? Do

    Democratic National Conventions Quiz

    Test your Democratic National Conventions smarts. Do

    Environmental Trivia Quiz

    How good is your save-the-planet savvy? Do

    How Much Do You Know About the Fourth of July?

    Take our America's birthday quiz and find out. Do

    Gay Rights Trivia Quiz

    How much do you know about LGBT history? Do

    History Trivia Quiz

    How well do you know the 20th century? Do

    How Much Do You Know About Memorial Day?

    How much do you know about Memorial Day? Test your knowledge. Take this quiz

    How Much Do You Know About Presidential Debates?

    Try and ace our political debate pop quiz. Do

    Past Vice Presidential Debates Quiz

    Presidential running mates have a history, too. Do

    Presidential Campaign Slogans Quiz

    Take our political pop quiz and find out about campaign slogans. Do

    How Much Do You Know About Presidential Elections?

    Take our quiz and find out how much you know about Presidential elections. Do

    Presidential Quotes Quiz

    Think you know your U.S. presidents? Do

    Republican National Conventions Quiz

    Take our quiz and find out how much you know about the RNC. Do

    Supreme Court Decisions Quiz

    How did the nation’s highest court rule? Do

    U.S. Presidents Trivia Quiz

    How much do you know about the nation’s chief executives? Do

    The Supreme Court Trivia Quiz

    How well do you know the nation's highest court and its justices? Do


    The Truth About Relationships

    Do you have the facts about marriage, dating and divorce? Take our quiz and see how you score. Do

    What Do You Know About Caregiving?

    Assess your caregiving knowledge by taking this quiz. Do.

    Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

    Take our quiz and learn a few things about your pet. Do

    Rev Up Your Sex Drive

    Do you know what it takes to keep your love life zooming along? Take our quiz and find out. Take this quiz

    Know the Truth About Sex After 50?

    Take our quiz and find out if you can separate the facts from the myths. Take this quiz



    Here's a fun and techy quiz for gadget geeks and nerdy newbies. Do

    Gadget Gizmos Trivia Quiz

    Got gadgets galore? Take our gizmos quiz to see if you're the top techie. Do

    Social Media Trivia Quiz

    Think you know everything about the social Web? Take our trivia quiz to see if you're as hip to networking as you think. Do

    Tech Talk Trivia Quiz

    Think you know a lot about technology? Take this quiz to find out. Do

    Video Games

    From '70s arcade games to modern mobile apps, how much do you know about video games? Do

    Secondhand Electronics Quiz

    How much do you know about the art of buying used or refurbished technology? Do


    Southern Europe

    Think you know your way around the Mediterranean? Prove your smarts with these questions. Do

    Work & Retirement

    Job Hunting Quiz

    Test your job-hunting knowledge. Take this quiz

    Can You Pass This Retirement Planning Quiz?

    See how well you do on the RICP® Retirement Income Literacy Survey. Take this Quiz.

    Don't Make These Retirement Money Mistakes

    See if you know the best ways to make your savings last longer. Take this quiz

    Can You Spot Workplace Age Discrimination?

    Test your knowledge about legislation that protects older employees. Take this quiz

    Retirement Health Care Costs Quiz

    Know how much to save for health care in retirement? Take this quiz

    Are You Savvy About Social Security?

    Test your knowledge about this valuable program for older Americans. Take this quiz

    Understanding Job Listings

    Test your skills at decoding want-ad terms. Do

    Are You An Indispensable Employee?

    It helps to be one when layoffs loom. Take this quiz

    Will You Ace the Job Interview?

    Think you know what to say or what not to? Test your interview IQ

    Test Your Job Market Smarts

    See what you know about older workers, pay and longevity. Take this quiz

    Workplace Etiquette

    Are you a picture perfect employee, or could you stand to work on your office manners? Do

    Job Satisfaction

    Thinking of changing jobs? Before you update your résumé, see how well you know workplace trends. Do

    Social Media Job-Hunting

    Think you know how to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for your job search? Test your smarts. Do

    Starting a Home Business

    You may need more than money and a good idea. Do

    Know Your Employee Rights

    Do you know your rights? Find out now. Do

    Social Security Benefits

    How much do you know about your benefits? Do

    Test Your Retirement Planning Smarts

    Are you smart about retirement? Find out with this quiz. Do

    Test Your Social Security Know-How

    Do you think you know everything about Social Security? Test your smarts with this quiz. Do

    Workplace Rules

    Do you know what's legal and what's not? Do

    Winning Résumé

    Learn the do's and don'ts for writting a successful résumé. Do

    Social Security: True or False?

    Test if you know Social Security fact from fiction. Do.

    Ready for Retirement Quiz

    Thinking about retirement? Take this quiz to test your smarts and learn how to plan for your ideal retirement. Do.

    Test Your Social Security Smarts Quiz

    Test your knowledge of this benefit program. Do.

    2012 Money and Work News Quiz

    Know which money & work stories made headlines? Take this quiz

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