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Eat Now, Fast Later

Could fasting for a couple of days each week help you improve your health and live longer?

Sticker Shock Ahead for Some Medicare Users

Premiums for Medicare Part D prescription drug plans will rise in 2017 by an average of 4.6%

Working for You

Test Your Hearing by Phone

Concerned about your hearing? Now AARP members can get a free hearing test for a limited time

Your Vote Counts

Nothing celebrates and symbolizes our precious democracy’s freedoms like the act of voting

A Commitment to Serve

AARP salutes and supports those who volunteer to help others; learn about ways you can help, too

Making a Difference

Be a Driving Force

Driver Safety Program

500K+ people learned how to be safer on the road in an AARP Smart Driver course last year 

  • 120K+ Petitions Signed

    Every candidate should have a plan to keep Social Security strong. Does yours?

  • Life Reimagined

    11K+ people have taken the free online course, “Discover What’s Next: Living Your Life with Purpose”

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