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    Disrupt Aging With Finances

    Saving for the Future

    Will you have enough money to live the life you want?

    5 Rules for Financial Freedom

    An update of common principles to manage fiscal life

    Video: Millennials Show Us What ‘Old’ Looks Like

    What age do you consider to be old?


    Savings and Investing

    Investors: Abandoned Funds May Be at Risk

    States quick to declare financial property 'unclaimed'

    The Second-Marriage Dilemma

    Estate planning can be tricky for couples who have former spouses

    Save More, Live Longer

    Richer people tend to be happier, healthier


    Savings and Planning Resources

    Health Care Costs Calculator

    Are you saving enough for Health Care?

    AARP's Retirement Calculator

    Find out when — and how — to retire the way you want

    Social Security Benefits

    Calculate to see the right time to claim




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    Today's Hot Deals

    Saving Money

    7 Ways to Save More

    Techniques help you put more money away for the future

    Turn Old Books Into Money

    Find hidden cash in unwanted books, CDs and records

    Quiz: What’s Your Financial IQ?

    Find out how smart you are when it comes to budgeting



    10 Ways to Use a Tax Refund

    Resist the urge to splurge! Make better decisions with your money

    Last-Minute Tax Moves You Need to Know

    Taxpayers get extra days to file

    5 Boomer Tax Traps to Avoid

    Steer clear of stiff IRS penalties with these steps



    Consumer Protection

    Dodge These Financial Services Scams

    Don't shell out for services you can easily get for free or low cost

    When a Stranger Calls With a Great Investment Opportunity

    Apply common sense to check the accuracy in 30 seconds or less

    Stealing Your Name and Life

    Identity thieves reveal inside stories of how they steal and best ways to protect yourself

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