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Health Treatments

Good News for Those With Parkinson’s

Microsoft watch could help alleviate symptoms

What’s Happening In Washington?

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Today's Hot Deals

Sound Improvements

New tech devices to make the dialogue on TV clearer

Lower-Cost Hearing Devices May Be Coming Soon

OTC aids available to some with hearing loss

Tips for Learning Sign Language

I failed my class, but you don't have to

Be a Smart Patient

Serious Eye Condition Being Misdiagnosed?

Doctors may be missing sight-robbing disease

For Knee Pain, Experts Say Don’t Think About Scoping It

Study raises questions about a common surgery

Slips and Falls Can Be Deadly

Death of Roger Ailes exemplifies risk for older people

Health Resources

Yes, ‘Man Flu’ Is Real

Don’t laugh; flu may be worse for men

70? 4 Tests to Avoid

And here are 2 you should consider

Good News for Joint-Replacement Patients

At-home rehab costs less, works well

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