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    Your Money

    Door-to-Door Deception

    How to protect yourself from phony pollsters, repairmen

    Going It Alone

    Who to trust with end-of-life decisions

    Wi-Fi Risks

    Keep online hackers out of your home

    Your Health

    Keep Your Brain Young

    Exercise to retain mental clarity and stave off dementia.

    The War on Medicare Fraud

    $60 billion a year is lost to fraudulent claims

    Gaming the System

    Video games a great way to connect generations

    Featured Videos

    Astronaut Charles Bolden

    Space commander talks about visiting Mars, threats from asteroids and international collaboration in space

    Whistleblower Dr. Joseph Ting

    How one doctor's suspicion of his company's billing practices stopped millions in Medicare fraud

    In the Spotlight

    Fighting Against High Drug Costs

    This trend could mean poorer health and higher health care expenses.


    15 Things You Better Know About Your Blood Pressure

    The newest science on how to keep your numbers at healthy levels whether you suffer from high or low blood pressure


    6 Ways to Pay Down Your Debt Fast

    Older households have more than doubled their debt in a dozen years


    Last Laugh

    Last Laugh

    “I’ve always likened our show to a NASCAR race. I think people are coming out to see a crash.”

    — Actor Kiefer Sutherland, on his sideline as a rock musician

    Mark Twain has rolled over in his grave so much for so long that this news won’t disturb his peace.”

    —Bill Murray, on being awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor


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