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What’s at Stake for Older Adults in America

Each October, the nine justices of the Supreme Court convene to do the work of interpreting the laws of the United States. And come summertime when this work is complete for the year, we are left with a series of decisions that shape not just the law of the land, but our lives.

The 2022-2023 term was no exception. The Court was at times intensely divided on issues like student loans, affirmative action, and First Amendment rights. More often, however, the justices decided cases by 6-3 or greater margins that crossed ideological lines, including in cases of critical importance to older adults.

In the upcoming term, the Court will again hear several cases affecting the lives of adults over 50. This preview describes those cases and contains AARP Foundation attorneys’ predictions about legal issues that may reach the Court in the future.

AARP Foundation will continue to do our part to ensure equal justice under the law for older adults. Foundation attorneys will continue to fight for and fiercely defend the rights of older adults in courts across the country, including the Supreme Court.

Upcoming Cases

“Testing” the ADA: Who Has the Right?

The Court will decide whether watchdog “testers” can help enforce compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Money Talks: A Challenge to Consumer Protection

Is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau properly funded?

Is the Government a Person?

Can the government be held liable for issues related to fair credit reporting?

Financial Exploitation: Does the SEC Have the Right to Protect Us?

The Court will hear arguments over the regulatory powers of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Fishing for Clarity: How Much Power Do Federal Agencies Have?

A fishing industry dispute could alter how much power agencies have to protect older adults.

Getting Schooled: Maximizing Veterans’ Education Benefits

The Court will decide whether Veterans have the right to collect full benefits.

Looking Ahead: Cases That Could Be Coming to the Supreme Court

Employment Discrimination

The Court could be looking at several cases involving both age discrimination and disability discrimination.

Health Care

The Court may hear several cases involving drug prices and the Affordable Care Act.