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    Your Social Security

    A Push for Social Security

    Time for presidential candidates to Take a Stand

    Where They Stand On Social Security

    Earlier this year we invited the candidates to share their policy positions

    Video: Social Security Q & A

    Alfred Padilla, a National Public Affairs Specialist for the Social Security Administration answers key questions from AARP members

    Your Membership

    Today's Hot Deals

    Social Security Benefits

    Going Online With Social Security

    My Social Security account gives you easy access to your work history, retirement and benefits information and statements

    When You and Social Security Disagree

    How to exercise your right to appeal an agency decision

    Social Security Benefits Calculator

    Calculate the best retirement age to claim benefits

    Video: Social Security

    A Tale of Two Brothers: It Pays to Wait

    Did you know that waiting even a year or two to claim your benefits can make a big difference in monthly benefits for the rest of your life?

    Real Leaders on Social Security

    170 million Americans work hard and pay into Social Security. The next President needs the courage to make tough decisions to ensure it’s there for them

    Your Questions

    7 Myths of Social Security

    Social Security has a complicated set of rules and lots of exceptions to those rules, so it’s no surprise that myths have arisen over the years

    2016 Social Security Changes

    Here’s what to look for in your benefits check and paycheck deductions.

    Top Social Security Questions Answered

    Chances are good the answer you need is right here


    Social Security For Dummies

    Get expert advice for ensuring you're receiving your maximum benefits.

    Social Security A to Z Glossary

    Search AARP's Glossary of Social Security Terms for key definitions, resources and information on benefits and eligibility.

    Quiz: Are You Savvy About Social Security?

    Think you know Social Security? Test your smarts on this great American retirement program.

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