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Simple and Proven Strategies You Can Use to Improve Your Memory

An unforgettable interview with author Joshua Foer

The Art and Science of Remembering Everything is both the subtitle and theme of journalist Joshua Foer's colorful first book, Moonwalking With Einstein. Foer spent a year immersing himself in the ancient arts of memory and eventually triumphed in the finals of the U.S. Memory Championship.

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Foer explains the techniques he learned and his surprising success in a field he hadn't known even existed. He provides easy tips that anyone can use to recall nearly anything.
For example, if you can make a habit of attaching fantastical or even obscene imagery to mundane information, and if you can avoid getting so graphic that you're grossed out, you can be a memory champ, too.
But this isn't just a game. Foer strongly suggests that building a better memory can add productive and memorable time to your life in a totally unexpected way.

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