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Experience Corps unites teachers, schools and older adults to improve the academic and social outcomes of children. Our model therefore has three beneficiaries: children, schools and older adults — a triple win.

A Win for Students

  • Academic skill building and mentoring
  • Significant gains in reading achievement

A Win for Schools

  • Valuable support for teachers and principals
  • Turnkey volunteer management

A Win for Older Adults

  • Meaningful opportunity in their community
  • Improved physical and mental health

What Makes AARP Foundation Experience Corps Successful?

Focus on outcomes

Produces measurable results for students, schools and 50-plus adults

High member commitment

Ensures reliable, consistent support to students

Rigorous member training

Provides highly qualified tutors and mentors for students, and new skills for volunteer members

Team-based approach

Creates peer support network; establishes significant presence in schools

Community roots

Connects schools and communities; fosters public/private partnerships

What People Are Saying:

"More and more research shows if seniors want to feel younger and stay healthier longer they need to get involved with life. Going to classes, attending art programs, and of course, volunteering. So while you're helping the students you tutor, you're definitely helping your own health as well. And that's a definite win-win solution."

—Dr. Dean Edell, syndicated health journalist

Research Studies

AARP Foundation Experience Corps is an evidence-based intervention, as concluded by independent research studies.

Read Studies and Results

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AARP Foundation Experience Corps is looking for adults 50 years and older interested in tutoring K-3 students who are struggling to read.