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Registration is Now Open for 2023 National Meeting

Experience Corps National Meeting 2023

National Meeting 2023

AARP Foundation is proud to announce “Improving Service Through Connection” as the theme of its 2023 Experience Corps National Meeting, hosted both in-person and virtually on June 21-23. Join our national network of staff, volunteers, nonprofits, and partners for conversations about community and equity, education and literacy, and volunteerism and social connection.

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National Meeting 2022

On June 22-24, 2022 our annual National Meeting welcomed more than 275 members of our network to three days of panels, workshops, and discussions exploring our program’s three primary focus areas: community and equity, education and literacy, and volunteerism and social connections. Keynote speakers and national partners addressed the year’s challenges and accomplishments, and subject matter experts advised our network on topics ranging from technology to volunteer recruitment. 


In addition to exploring urgent topics and recent field research, our National Meeting also featured more than 20 professional development workshops for our staff and volunteers, programming that scored an average 95% overall satisfaction rating from the attendees.

If you were a participant or presenter at this year’s sessions, we sincerely thank you for your contributions. And we look forward to seeing new partners and participants at next year’s National Meeting!  


2022 National Meeting Highlights Reel

Day 1 of the National Meeting featured thought leadership panels with our program partners at the national and local level. 

Lessons on Building Community and Equity Through Service

AARP Foundation Interim President Emily Allen and AmeriCorps CEO Michael D. Smith discussed shared service priorities and a vision for future collaborations to increase equity and connection in communities across the nation.

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Spotlight on the Vital Importance of Social Connection and Volunteerism

AARP Massachusetts State President Sandra Harris, Executive Director of Foundation for Social Connection Edward Garcia, and AARP Vice President of Volunteer Engagement Michele Becote-Jackson elaborated on the pivotal role social connection and volunteerism play in mitigating the negative effects of loneness and isolation, particularly in a pandemic environment.

If you are interested in joining the growing ranks of our inspired volunteers and staying connected in your community, please visit the Experience Corps volunteer page. 

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Our Focus on Literacy and Social Emotional Skills in Combating Learning Loss

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education Ruth Ryder and Senior Vice President of Litigation at AARP Foundation William Alvarado Rivera highlighted recent funding interventions to support literacy education and improve social-emotional well-being for the nation’s students.

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