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2022 Supreme Court Preview

During the 2021 term, the Supreme Court returned to in-person oral arguments after over a year of conducting them remotely. For the third term in a row, the composition of the Court changed, welcoming Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to serve as a justice in the history of the Court.

The conservative justices joined to write on several hot button issues including gun rights, religion, abortion, and the environment. The Court also decided several cases that undermined the rights and interests of older adults, including residents of Puerto Rico and older adults suffering emotional distress.

This year, the Court will again hear several cases affecting the lives of people over 50. Our preview describes those cases and includes AARP Foundation attorneys’ predictions about legal issues that may reach the Court in the future.

As always, AARP Foundation will continue to advocate for and fiercely defend older adults and work for systemic change in courts across the country, including the Supreme Court.  

Cases - 2022 Term

Denying Veterans' Benefits: The Ticking Clock

Should veterans with disabilities be able to apply for benefits retroactively?

Bankruptcy Fraud: What Did You Know and When Did You Know It?

Can a partner’s alleged lack of knowledge of a fraud help them avoid liability?

Fair and Foul: Protecting Workers' Rights

A Court decision could seriously weaken the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Their Day in Court: Nursing Facility Residents Denied?

The right to sue state-run nursing facilities could be in jeopardy.

Fighting Fraud: Will Do-Gooders Get Done In?

The Court will decide when the government can dismiss whistleblower lawsuits.

Looking Ahead: Cases That Could Be Coming to the Supreme Court

Employment Discrimination

The Court could be looking at several cases involving both age discrimination and disability discrimination.

Health Care

The Court could be hearing several cases involving the Affordable Care Act, the right to avoid institutionalization, and disparities related to the coronavirus pandemic.