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Caregiver Resources: Caregiving, Benefits and Insurance

Find answers to questions about long-term care insurance and veteran's and other public benefits

En español | Find answers to your questions about long-term care insurance and veteran’s and other public benefits to ensure loved ones receive financial support when eligible.


  • Understanding long-term care insurance: The phrase "Long-Term Care" refers to the help that people with chronic illnesses, disabilities or other conditions need on a daily basis over an extended period of time.
  • 10 misconceptions about long-term care insurance:  Long-term care insurance is complicated, costly and unnecessary. I'm healthy! I have family who will care for me, and I refuse to go into a nursing home, anyway. Medicare and Medicaid will cover care once I need it — why waste money on insurance?



  • Public benefits that can help: Older adults can have a hard time paying for basic necessities such as health care and food. There are a variety of federal and state programs that fill this need. Learn how to help your loved ones apply for benefits.
  • AARP Benefits QuickLINK: Find financial assistance programs that help save money on health care, medication, food, utilities and children’s health costs.
  • Medicare Basics for Caregivers (PDF):  An online version of Medicare's booklet, "Medicare Basics: A Guide for Families and Friends of People with Medicare."
  • Older veterans, do you know about this benefit?: There’s a little-known benefit that can help with the care of older veterans or their surviving spouses. It can be used for to cover the cost of caregivers (including adult children) in the home or to pay for an assisted living facility or nursing home.
  • Eldercare financial assistance locator: Answer a few questions to find the programs for which you or your loved one is currently eligible as well as those programs for which you might become eligible as your situation changes.


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