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Ways to Give


Corporate Philanthropy

AARP Foundation works every day toward achieving a society in which everyone ages with dignity and purpose – and all people can fulfill their goals and dreams. Through its many programs, AARP Foundation provides education, support, and training for seniors in need, whether facing consumer fraud, needing to find a job, or just needing help to balance their checkbook. We focus on four priorities – hunger, income, housing and isolation. This work is supported by a longstanding commitment to legal advocacy on behalf of older Americans.

AARP Foundation sponsors provide support that allows those in greatest need to improve their lives. Working with AARP Foundation enables companies to demonstrate their commitment to struggling older Americans and their families, to their employees, their customers and the communities where they operate.

We have developed a range of funding opportunities. We invite you to join us in whatever way works best for your corporation:

Corporate Foundation

If you have a corporate foundation seeking to support our four priorities, you can join other generous institutions and provide grant support for AARP Foundation.

Program or Event Sponsorship

Many supporters wish to direct their sponsorship to a specific AARP Foundation program or event that directly meets their corporate social responsibility goals. For example, our sponsors have supported Drive to End Hunger, which provides much-needed hunger relief to older Americans locally and nationally, and BACK TO WORK 50+, an initiative that provides information and resources to jobseekers, or the Housing Solutions Center that puts callers in touch with HUD-certified counselors who offer practical advice and guidance to hundreds and hundreds of 50+ homeowners worried about foreclosure. Many other programs and event opportunities exist throughout our four priorities.

Cause Marketing

Cause-related programs benefit AARP Foundation while offering companies a marketing tool to reach their target market and link them to our mission. We can work with you to develop programs that align with your business and marketing goals through such methods as product-based programs, percentage of sales, and grassroots fundraising.


AARP Foundation has opportunities for employees to get involved in their local communities to support our mission.

Media Partnerships

Through television, radio, billboards, or social media, sponsors can help build awareness and support from the public — another essential means of support.

We would be happy to help you determine how to make these or other sponsor opportunities work for you. Contact us with your questions.