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Ways to Give

Ways to Give

All across the country, older Americans who have worked hard and contributed to their families and communities are facing their later years in crisis.  Following the worst nationwide recession since the Great Depression, millions have lost their jobs and exhausted recession-ravaged savings. Not since the Depression era have we seen such a “perfect storm” of events result in so many seniors facing uncertain and unstable futures.

With your generous financial support, AARP Foundation’s programs can help them regain stability, take control of their lives again and create opportunities to thrive.  Discover the many ways you can join AARP Foundation to help adults 50 and older reclaim the future they’ve always pictured for themselves, their children and their grandchildren.


Be a part of the solution. Your contribution can help millions of older adults to improve their quality of life.

Corporate Philanthropy

Learn sponsorship opportunities with AARP Foundation to help older adults with low income seize opportunities to re-enter the workforce, bolster their budgets, give back to their communities, and recover from disasters.

Opportunity Builders

Become a true partner in our work and get exclusive recognition, access and benefits in one of four levels, starting at $1,000.

Leave a Legacy

Your gift can help ensure that America’s seniors will be served and supported by AARP Foundation’s programs.


Take an active role in helping struggling seniors in your community through volunteer opportunities.

Donor Advised Funds

Have a donor advised fund? Make an impact on senior poverty by making a grant to AARP Foundation.