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Our Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

AARP Foundation and our community partners are assessing coronavirus developments on a daily basis to ensure that all CDC guidelines for health and safety are being followed to protect volunteers, staff and the people we serve.

As of now, all in-person BACK TO WORK 50+ workshops have been suspended. Many of our community partners are now hosting online workshops. For information about availability in your area, please call 1-855-850-2525.

When you call, you can request a copy of our free 7 Smart Strategies for 50+ Jobseekers guide to explore until workshops resume.

Compete With Confidence for Full-Time Jobs

BACK TO WORK 50+ provides the training and tools older adults need to compete with confidence for today’s in-demand jobs. Trusted local partners that specialize in working with older job candidates offer job search coaching, help build computer skills and match each candidate with local employer needs.    


AARP Foundation BACKTOWORK50+ workshop

Looking for a Job?

Over 50 and looking for a job? You’re not alone. BACK TO WORK 50+ provides the training, coaching and job seeking tools you need to compete with confidence for today’s in-demand jobs. Call 855-850-2525 or click on the button below to register for a Smart Strategies Workshop near you or request a copy our Jobseeker Guide.

BACKTOWORK50+ workshop at Jefferson State Community College

Join our Partner Network

Long-term unemployment is a major problem for older workers. Join the BACK TO WORK 50+ Partner Network to provide older workers with the resources they need to gain new skills and find employment. Call AARP Foundation at 855-850-2525 or click on the button below to gain access to our online portal for more information.


Find Qualified Talent

Older workers have the experience employer’s value. Employers can collaborate with AARP Foundation’s BACK TO WORK 50+ to benefit from a mature and reliable workforce. If you have employment opportunities available near our community locations call AARP Foundation at 855-850-2525 or click on the button below to get started.

BACK TO WORK 50+ Success Stories: Meet Lisa and Gabe

AARP Foundation BACK TO WORK 50+ Lisa Edmonds Success Story

How Lisa Got Her (Job) Groove Back

When Lisa Edmond was just shy of 18 years old, she started working at Sears, Roebuck & Co., in the still-under-construction Sears Tower in Chicago. It was 1974, and she was fresh out of high school; bright-eyed, loyal and ready to work. In 2016, more than four decades after she joined the company, Sears laid her off. At 60 years old, Lisa Edmond was looking for work.

AARP Foundation BACK TO WORK Gabe Menvielle

Gabe: Building the Skills to Move Forward

Gabe Menvielle can’t prove it, but he’s fairly certain his age, 55, factored into his struggle to find a job. “It was an unusually low response rate. I’d send 50 résumés out, and I wouldn’t hear back from 45 of them. That would never have happened before, with my background. I have experience with software companies and nonprofits, good companies. I worked for the symphony, the Florida Philharmonic. I thought, ‘Am I invisible? What’s going on?’”

Community Partners

AARP Foundation launched BACK TO WORK 50+ to increase the services and resources available to 50+ job candidates nationally and in communities and to facilitate their access to in-demand jobs. We work with key partners to integrate local workforce services, public benefits application assistance, and employer engagement efforts to connect 50+ job candidates to specific in-demand jobs in their communities.

BACK TO WORK 50+ is currently being administered in the following locations. Additional communities are being added. To find out if there is a local BACK TO WORK 50+ site near you, dial toll free 1-855-850-2525.    

  • Jefferson State Community College
    Birmingham, AL
  • Pima Community College 
    Tucson, AZ
  • Arapahoe/Douglas Works!
    Denver, CO
  • Denver Economic Development & Opportunity
    Denver (City & County), CO
  • CareerSource Brevard
    Cocoa, FL
  • Santa Fe College
    Gainesville, FL
  • CareerSource South Florida operated by Youth Co-Op, Inc.
    Miami, FL
  • Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership
    Chicago, IL
  • Workforce Partnership
    Lenexa, KS
  • Mott Community College
    Flint, MI
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Central Community College
    Grand Island, NE
  • Tri-County Technical College
    Pendleton, SC
  • Tarrant County College
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Houston Community College
    Houston, TX

Connect With BACK TO WORK 50+

Call to Get Your Free Guide 7 Smart Strategies Guide

Call 855-850-2525 to get your free copy of 7 Smart Strategies for 50+ Jobseekers Guide and also find out if there is a workshop near you.

AARP Foundation is collaborating with the ReGeneration program to provide training for in-demand jobs in the IT and health care industries. Learn how you can develop new skills and achieve career success.