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We are tackling senior poverty by sparking bold, innovative solutions that help vulnerable older adults build economic opportunity and social connection


Economic Opportunity

We’re empowering older adults by providing skills and resources to increase their financial stability and help them overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Social Connection

Humans need connection. That’s why we’re exploring creative ways to help older adults connect and stay connected — to each other and to their communities.

How We Do It


Collaboration allows us to build on existing programs and infrastructure, avoid duplicating others’ efforts, and maximize the impact of every dollar donated.


At the heart of our work is a drive to find fresh ways of solving problems and meeting needs. We’re passionate about innovation — and we believe that good ideas can come from anywhere.

Legal Advocacy

We are an advocate in courts nationwide for the rights of people age 50 and older, working to challenge discrimination and protect seniors from injustice.


AARP Foundation support enables grantees to help more people, work more efficiently, bring proven new approaches to scale, and make resources go further.

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