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Our legal advocacy initiatives  - conducted by AARP Foundation Litigation (AFL) - reflect more than 15 years of work in federal and state courts across the country. Through our efforts, we support the Foundation’s four priority areas: Hunger, Income, Housing and Isolation, and ensure that those 50 and older have a voice in the laws and policies that affect their daily lives.

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2013-2014 U.S. Supreme Court Preview

AARP Foundation Litigation (AFL) analyzes those cases upon which the Supreme Court has granted certiorari that may particularly impact people over age 50. Additionally, this Preview discusses petitions pending for certiorari AARP Foundation is following. AFL has already filed or intends to file amicus briefs in most of the casses discussed. Read

AFL in Clearinghouse Review

The following three links are to articles on hunger as they appeared when first published in 46 Clearinghouse Review: Journal of Poverty Law and Policy, Sept.-Oct., 2012, and are copyrighted by Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law.


AARP Foundation's President (former), Jo Ann Jenkins (PDF), and AARP Foundation Litigation senior attorneys, Jones (PDF) and Silverstein (PDF), contribute to this issue of Clearinghouse Review focusing on hunger. AARP Foundation provided generous support in publishing this special issue as Hunger is one of its four priorities


Receiving benefits electronically is discussed by AFL senior attorney, Nepveu and Wyzykowski (PDF) as first published in 46 Clearinghouse Review: Journal of Poverty Law and Policy, Nov.-Dec., 2012, and copyrighted by Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law.

Passage of POWADA Imperative

Recent Supreme Court decision makes passage of the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act imperative. Read

on the

Problematic Voter Registration Law

Can states require extra proof of citizenship to register to vote? Read

AARP Represents Housing Applicants

Is it a violation of the Fair Housing Act, ADA, and Section 504 to deny housing to a person who has a history of mental illness? Read


policy and

Effect of Health Reform for 50- to 64-Year-Olds

What do the reforms in the affordable care Act (ACA) mean for 50 to 64-year-olds? Much depends on whether they have health coverage now and on how they get it. For those who are uninsured now, ACA improves access to private and public coverage and offers financial help for people with low incomes. Read

Report Examines Efforts to Reduce Impact of Generic Competition for Popular Drug

PPI report examines efforts by Pfizer to reduce the impact of generic competition for the popular anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor. One aspect of the effort, "pay-for-delay," was heard by the Supreme Court in which AARP filed an amicus brief. Read PPI Report and AARP's Amicus Brief.

New Federal Rule on Home- and Community-Based Services

Wendy Fox-Grage of AARP Public Policy Institute explaines how a recent federal Medicaid regulation will help low income people with disabilities receive services in their communities. Read

Social Security Keeps Americans of All Ages Out of Poverty

This Fact Sheet from AARP Public Policy Institute highlights the extent to which Social Security keeps people of all ages out of poverty. In 2012,  Social Security kept more than 22 million Americans out of poverty, more than many other goverment programs combined. Read

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Legal Cases

Find the most recent cases in which AFL has advocated in courts nationwide for the rights of older persons, and filed AARP’s amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs that help courts decide precedent-setting cases.

Foundation Litigation

AARP Foundation Litigation (AFL) is an advocate in courts nationwide for the rights of people 50 and older, addressing diverse legal issues that affect their daily lives and assuring that they have a voice in the judicial system. Learn more about our litigation teams.