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Paving the Way to Stable Income

More than 20 million people age 50 and over do not have adequate income to meet their basic needs for food and housing. Many are looking for full-time work or part-time jobs, and have become part of the largest increase in long-term unemployment in history. These workers are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons; some care for elderly parents, some support children and grandchildren who have been cut adrift by unemployment themselves.


Our income work improves opportunities for these 50+ workers to earn, manage and protect their income as they age. By building awareness, supporting effective services, delivering new products and programs, and investing in community capacity, we work together with 50+ low-wage workers and their families to win back opportunity and get back on track.


Income Resources

Use the navigational menu to learn more about the tools and resources that will help low-income Americans age 50 and over regain control of their financial stability.

Programs & Services

AARP Tax Aide

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

This program offers free assistance with tax-return preparation. Go

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AARP Benefits QuickLink

See if you qualify for public assistance and you can save money on health care, medication, food, utilities, and more! Go

AARP Foundation Finances 50+

Finances 50+

This financial capability program is a collaboration between AARP Foundation and Charles Schwab Foundation. Go

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Housing Solutions Center

This program offers free HUD-certified counseling and assistance to 50-plus homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure. Go

Medical team at a computer, AARP Foundation Back to Work 50+

Back to Work 50+

We are partnering with workforce services providers to strengthen the bridge between 50+ job candidates and respected employers. Read