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There are many reasons why someone age 50 and older becomes isolated from family and community. It could be an injury or illness; the loss of reliable transportation; a spouse or partner who has Alzheimer’s or another illness that requires constant care; or a job loss that makes the person feel like he or she doesn’t matter. And as a crisis gets worse, it’s easy to become homebound, disconnected, overwhelmed, stranded — or in one word, isolated.


At AARP Foundation, we understand that combating and preventing isolation in people 50 and over isn’t about fixing one thing. We have to look at all the connections that make up a person’s life, and come up with ways to make sure connections stay strong, even in times of stress and crisis. That’s why AARP Foundation is taking the lead in working with some of the best researchers across the country. Because the more we understand about isolation, the better we can address the problem in innovative and more effective ways.

In the

Aging at Home: Will You Be Lonely?

Blogger Rachel Adelson explores why, as they get older, many people find themselves stranded in their own neighborhoods Read

Pew Internet Study Finds Older, Poorer And Disabled Seniors Still Not Connected

A new study shows that, while adults aged 65 years and older are catching up when it comes to being connected to the Internet, the technological divide is growing wider as older, less affluent and disabled citizens are still largely disconnected Read

New Study Points to the Dangers of Isolation

In her latest post, AARP Health blogger Candy Sagon details the findings of a recent study that indicates being alone may actually be hazardous to your health even if you don't feel lonely Read

Isolation Hinders Recovery From Surgery, Says Dr. Oz

Medical expert Dr. Mehmet Oz said he now insists that all the patients he operates on bring someone who loves them with them to the hospital. Your heart needs a reason to keep beating, he said, and isolation can weaken your immune system Read


How Do We Understand Isolation?

AARP Foundation commissioned ResearchWorks to conduct an in-depth examination of isolation research to serve as a starting point for a discussion about how we understand, define, measure and solve isolation. Download Highlights (PDF) | Full Report (PDF)

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(Ventura County Star, Calif., Jan. 15) - "Gen Silent" follows the stories of six LGBT seniors needing care but afraid, for various reasons, to ask for help. The documentary mentions how AARP and other organizations are offering help, such as providing information on LGBT-friendly care and other resources. Read

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(N.Y. Times, Nov. 5) - In a major disaster like Hurricane Sandy, the frail elderly often need more than the help of family and friends. Read