50+ and Hungry

Hunger Hurts. Nearly 9 million older adults struggle with knowing where their next meal is coming from. 


Every day in our country, older adults are faced with making tough decisions between purchasing nutritional food or prescriptions or even paying for their rent or mortgage. And many of them are too embarrassed to seek help or even acknowledge that they may need it. Senior food insecurity rates have more than doubled since 2001 in our country. And sadly, food insecurity often leads to poor nutrition, overweight/obesity and other negative health consequences.

AARP Foundation is mobilizing food companies, health insurers, community organizations and others to help foster sustained solutions. Listen to learn about AARP Foundation’s efforts to fight food insecurity in our nation.

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Sadly, nearly 9 million older adults struggle with food insecurity everyday. And with the economic downturn, the unemployment for Americans over 50 has doubled in the past four years and people 55-plus who lose their jobs are unemployed for an average of a year. This has changed the face of hunger in our nation. This shift requires new thinking as well. Watch the video below to learn more about how unemployment can effect hunger.

Take action to help struggling older adults in our nation by supporting AARP Foundation. Together we can help solve food insecurity among older Americans.



Join Jeff Gordon, AARP, and AARP Foundation in solving the problem of senior hunger in America.

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9 million americans risk hunger every day increase 10 years

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