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Grantee Profile | Impact L. A.

AARP Foundation has funded the L.A. Kitchen to refine their program model for future scalability.

AARP Foundation Grant Program

Impact L.A.



“We invest in experimenting with systems that allow us to feed more people, with better food, for less money, while we get better health outcomes.”

—Robert Egger, Founder of L.A. Kitchen

Project Description

L.A. Kitchen’s Impact L.A. project aims to improve the diets of Los Angeles’ low-income senior population while also providing opportunities for volunteerism and intergenerational social interaction. To achieve this objective, L.A. Kitchen will:

  • Start Super Senior Sites to provide healthy meals and nutrition education for L.A. seniors
  • Partner with medical institutions to identify and measure physical and mental health outcomes of Super Senior Site participants
  • Create a toolkit of the Super Senior Site model for national replicability
AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

Project Highlights

Super Senior Sites: Impact L.A. started eight senior meal sites in Los Angeles to directly improve the diets, nutrition, and health outcomes of Los Angeles County’s growing senior population. The Super Senior Sites offer participants direct meal provision as well as nutrition education sessions provided by medical students and nutrition interns. In partnership with medical institutions, anthropometric measures will be tracked for Super Senior Site participants to evaluate programmatic impacts on health outcomes.

AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

AARP Foundation Impact L.A.

Impact L. A.

Success with AARP Foundation

AARP Foundation

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