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Grantee Profile | Aging in Place

AARP Foundation funded Habitat for Humanity to develop tools to refine their program model for future scalability.

AARP Foundation Grant Program

Habitat for Humanity


“At Habitat, we feel privileged to help seniors age in place. We know this type of work is much more than a construction project – it requires being attentive to non-housing needs of the homeowner, and close partnerships with other organizations who serve seniors.  We’re so grateful to AARP Foundation for their support as we have developed and launched our national aging in place initiative.”

—Sue Henderson, Vice President of US & Canada Habitat for Humanity

Project Description

Habitat for Humanity’s focus with their Aging in Place (AIP) model is to provide the tools to allow older adults to live independently and continue to contribute to the community.  With support from the AARP Foundation from 2015–2017, Habitat:

  • Developed key components of their AIP initiative
  • Collected AIP best practices and produce learning materials
  • Collaborated with national organizations, local agencies and experts in Aging in Place
  • Utilized housing tools developed by AARP Foundation
  • Doubled the number of home repairs completed for older adults by local Habitats that attended a learning exchange
AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

Project Highlights

Learning Modules: Based on analysis of the research, three learning modules were developed for local Habitats interested in Aging in Place. The modules included an overview of aging in America, ways Habitat can extend current programming to better serve older adults, and funding opportunities available as Habitat develops a holistic model that combines housing with other services that support AIP.

Learning Exchanges: Seven learning exchange conferences were held in cities across the nation.  These meetings encouraged momentum building and networking about trends in the aging space, discussion of the role that Habitat can play, and identification of common goals with national and local partners.

AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

AARP Foundation Grant Program


AARP Foundation Grant Program

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