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Grantee Profile | Home Care Cooperatives

AARP Foundation, through its Evidence Based Solutions grant competition, has funded Capital Impact Partners to increase their level of evidence and simultaneously work to refine their program model for future scalability.

AARP Foundation Grant Program

Capital Impact Partners




“The AARP Foundation funding will allow us to identify optimal areas for home care cooperative development and provide outreach to current home care workers and women seeking to reenter the workforce.”

—Candace Baldwin,  Director of Strategy for Aging in Community at Capital Impact Partners   

Project Description

This project led by Capital Impact Partners will scale worker owned, home care cooperatives to create quality jobs through competitive wages, quality training, and career advancement opportunities for older female home care workers reentering the workforce. Capital Impact Partners will implement this project in two phases:

  • Phase I: Develop a strategic and sustainable business plan, market analysis, and evaluation plan
  • Phase II: Reach out to home care workers about the model, training facilitation, and cooperative formation
AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

Project Highlights

Steering Committee: Capital Impact Partners sits on a national steering committee that investigates how homecare cooperatives can be replicated. As part of this project, the steering committee will now address the specific working concerns of older female workers, informing the development of CIP’s business plan and market analysis. The steering committee includes partners such as the Cooperative Development Foundation and technical assistance providers.

Train the Trainer Approach: In determining how to train home care workers, teaching workers to train other workers has been identified as the most likely to promote sustainability of the cooperatives. CIP is building capacity with the train the trainer model by evaluating the most effective training platforms, comprehensive communication channels, and methods for determining training proficiency.

AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

AARP Foundation Grant Program

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“The advantage as far as I’m concerned is that we are worked-owned. I feel more protected in the cooperative than on my own. It’s provided such an opportunity to work with women who feel the same about quality healthcare—that’s its becoming a huge concern and huge need—and we want to be the groundbreakers for excellence.”

— Co-op conference attendee

Grantee Profiles

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