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Grantee Profile | Flavor Harvest@HOME

AARP Foundation, through its Evidence Based Solutions grant competition, has funded Lee Health to increase their level of evidence and simultaneously work to refine their program model for future scalability.

AARP Foundation Grant Program

Flavor Harvest@HOME





“This is a population that has been underserved in the medical community. They live in a medically-induced food desert that prevents them from being able to acquire or prepare food.  This grant translates our success with our inpatient program and applies it to outlying physician practices to stabilize the patient nutritionally and prevent a hospital admission.”

—Larry Altier, System Director of Food & Nutrition Services at Lee Memorial Health System    

Project Description

This project will expand Lee Health ’s existing Flavor Harvest@HOME intervention to Lee Physician Group primary care practice facilities. The Flavor Harvest@HOME expansion aims to:

  • Train dieticians to identify individuals at risk of malnourishment in a primary care setting
  • Provide nutritional support to at-risk individuals through four weeks of medically tailored meals and clinical dietetic consultation
  • Prevent malnutrition-related hospital admission for at-risk individuals
  • Improve social connectedness for at-risk individuals
  • Evaluate and analyze primary care program expansion


AARP Foundation Grant Program

Flavor Harvest@Home

Project Highlights

Community Linkages: Flavor Harvest@HOME refers Lee Health patients who do not meet the clinical criteria of malnourishment to local community agencies. This linkage allows individuals to obtain appropriate resources to support their recovery at home.

Healthcare Savings: In addition to improving the health status of their target population, Flavor Harvest@HOME’s nutrition intervention has been found to prevent readmissions, thereby reducing costs for hospital systems associated with additional care and readmissions fees.

Social Connectedness: The Flavor Harvest@HOME program provides individuals an opportunity to connect with a Registered Dietician as part of their program participation. Through this social interaction, participants learn to facilitate their own nutritional self-care while also receiving the additional benefit of social interaction.

AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foudation

Evidence Base

Self-Reported Evidence: Two internal research studies conducted by the Lee Health Food and Nutrition Department with support from the Lee Health Foundation found that the four week Flavor Harvest@HOME nutritional intervention improved readmission rates among the study participants.


AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

AARP Foundation Grant Program

Flavor Harvest@HOME

“I can’t tell you how wonderful that was to be able to heal and get better with the nutritious foods. Not having to worry about cooking, or meal planning or doing the dishes was fantastic! This is a great service and I hope that it continues and expands to all other hospitals.”

—Flavor Harvest@HOME Participant

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