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Grantee Profile | EatSF

AARP Foundation, through its Evidence Based Solutions grant competition, has funded the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation to increase their level of evidence and work to refine their program model for future scalability.

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“The goal for this grant is to optimize the EatSF model for national replication. Our program is community-based and flexible, but we want to create infrastructure that can be replicated and distributed—an efficient and clean model that could go anywhere else.”

—Cissie Bonini, Director of EatSF    

The overarching goal of the project is to bring the San Francisco EatSF Program to scale nationwide as the Vouchers for Veggies program.  By increasing widespread support for fruit and vegetable vouchers, EatSF hopes to create systems-wide change in the arenas of food insecurity, health maintenance, and healthcare savings. To achieve this aim, EatSF will:

• Test the EatSF model in Los Angeles

• Enhance outcomes data by measuring fruit and vegetable intake at 6 and 12 months post intervention

• Test new modes of voucher distribution

• Increase program awareness


AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

Project Highlights

New Geographic Market: To effectively implement the EatSF Los Angeles pilot, EatSF conduced discovery interviews with government, community, and agency stakeholders and completed detailed neighborhood assessments to determine pilot location and community partners.  Voucher distribution sites and participating vendors will then be assessed and trained, followed by implementation of the pilot.  Regular follow-ups will be conducted, as well as pre- and post-pilot data collection.  

Technology Enhancements: EatSF has begun testing new delivery methods using a human–centered design framework including electronic vouchers and mobile coupons. They will also design and implement a web-based platform for program enrollment and voucher tracking.

Outcome Evaluation: To determine the effect of EatSF vouchers on long-term eating habits, EatSF is conducting surveys with former participants (6-12 months after program completion) to measure fruit and vegetable intake, food security, and shopping pattern changes.

AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

Evidence Base

Self-Reported Evidence: EatSF has tested their model using self-reported surveys, focus groups, and validated nutritional intake screeners to ensure fidelity and program progress. They use the RE-AIM framework to track program reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and maintenance.

Coupons for Healthy Intake using Variable Economic Strategies (CHIVES) Trial: EatSF has partnered with Stanford University on CHIVES, a five year study funded by NIH, which tests the EatSF model. The Randomized Control Trial will test whether targeted fruit and vegetable vouchers or untargeted vouchers make a greater impact on nutritional intake.


AARP Foundation Grant Program

AARP Foundation

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“The EatSF program is a win-win. It helps low-income populations afford healthy produce, which improves health. It also helps address food deserts by supporting the ability of food vendors to stock healthy produce."

Dr. Tomás Aragón, Director of Health at the San Francisco Department of Public Health

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