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AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Bob Ellis — La Vergne, TN

Bob Ellis — La Vergne, TN

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winners

Entries for the 2018 AARP Foundation Calendar poured in from across the country in record-breaking numbers. It was a difficult task to narrow down the beautiful photographs we received — but we think you’ll agree that our judges found great examples of our theme, “Moments That Last.” A special thank-you goes to all of those who submitted photographs, and to our judges: S. Marquette Folley, Project Director, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service; James Schaefer, published photographer and former associate dean of the Graduate School at Georgetown; and Bronwen Latimer, Officer, Multimedia at The Pew Charitable Trusts.


AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Steven Adams — Bailey, CO

Steven Adams — Bailey, CO

October 2017

Steven Adams has been traveling to the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado every October for 30 years, where he finds that the fall colors and reflected light create a special environment for photography. After printing Shrouded Cimarron Ramparts for the first time, he noticed that all the fog banks in the image displayed tiny rainbow effects, a feature he had never captured before.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Walter Ballard — Cary, NC

Walter Ballard — Cary, NC

November 2017

For Walter Ballard, this photograph could not be a more perfect representation of this year’s theme, “Moments That Last.” It features a friend of his, Gene Miller, who introduced Walter to photography. His friend recently passed away, and this photo is hung on a 30-by-20-inch canvas in Gene’s wife’s and Walter’s homes — serving as a reminder of wonderful memories with a great friend.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Yvonne Lashmett — Durango, CO

Yvonne Lashmett — Durango, CO

December 2017

Yvonne Lashmett recently retired after working for the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad for 31 years — the longest employed female there since the late 1800s. The train pictured has been in operation since 1882 and has become an attraction for families for many generations. When asked how this photo represents this year’s theme, Yvonne pointedly notes, “It could have been taken last year, or 30 years ago. It’s a memory that will be recreated again and again.”

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Michael Matney — Troy, IL

Michael Matney — Troy, IL

January 2018

A lifelong photographer, Michael Matney carries a camera with him everywhere. He happened to find this northern cardinal perched in a bush at the Watershed Nature Center in Edwardsville, Illinois, on one of his weekly photography trips, where he said the cardinal “was just posing” for him. “You don’t have to travel long distances to see nature,” Michael says. “There are these little pockets of nature all over.”

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Whit Peterson — Pawleys Island, SC

Whit Peterson — Pawleys Island, SC

February 2018

Whit Peterson regularly enjoys the stunning beauty of Brookgreen Gardens and taking photographs of the surrounding flowers and wildlife. The flower featured in his photograph lived near one of the garden’s ponds, and the dark water serves as a perfect background for its brilliant purple hues. For Whit, Brookgreen Gardens holds many wonderful memories.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Charles Brault — Overgaard, AZ

Charles Brault — Overgaard, AZ

March 2018

On his first excursion to photograph at night, Charles Brault ventured out into the Superstition Mountains near Canyon Lake, Arizona, with his photography class. Having only been serious about photography for one year so far and as a self-described “birder,” Charles has been expanding his skills with his Nikon D3 past his back yard to more dramatic landscapes like the one pictured in Desert Starscape.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Steve Disenhof — Mill Valley, CA

Steve Disenhof — Mill Valley, CA

April 2018

When Steve Disenhof visited Napa Valley with friends, the foggy weather grounded the hot air balloons that they had gone to see. Undeterred, he captured what he describes as a “fortuitous moment.” Steve, who has had a camera in hand for decades, shoots for many organizations that he is passionate about and also uses his talents to volunteer at Daraja Academy, a high school in Kenya for academically talented but impoverished girls.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Kathi Weinheimer — Fredericksburg, VA

Kathi Weinheimer — Fredericksburg, VA

May 2018

Kathi Weinheimer and her husband, who both enjoy photography, made their first visit to Oregon to see a tulip festival during their honeymoon. Kathi describes the scene as beautiful, with several acres of her favorite flower. Having seen green tractors throughout her life, Kathi was also shocked to see the pink one pictured. The photo captures a special time creating many memories with the man she loves.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Lorraine Paul — Nashua, NH

Lorraine Paul — Nashua, NH

June 2018

Lorraine Paul took this photo while visiting her daughter and her family in South Carolina. She and her husband were out exploring the area and enjoying their time together when they came across this beach access with the perfect lighting and shadows that she had to capture. For Lorraine, this photo represents those moments we don’t take the time to notice every day but that we should cherish.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Bob Ellis — La Vergne, TN

Bob Ellis — La Vergne, TN

July 2018

While with other members of the Nashville Photography Club, Bob Ellis captured this grand moment on the 4th of July as fireworks highlighted the beautiful city skyline. For him, this photograph represents the feeling of patriotism and the power of photography. Bob and his wife share their love of photography through their travels together.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Brian Sears — Rochester, NY

Brian Sears — Rochester, NY

August 2018

Once a week, Brian Sears sails on Lake Ontario with two friends from a local yacht club. “When there’s a lull in the action,” he says, “I can snap some pictures.” Having taken pictures since he was 12 years old, Brian finds opportunities to capture all aspects of his life, whether he’s traveling to Iceland with his community college class or working in the community garden with his wife.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Marc Bernstein — Westbury, NY

Marc Bernstein — Westbury, NY

September 2018

During his visit to the New Jersey September 11 memorial in Liberty State Park, Marc Bernstein noticed the setting sun reflecting off its two twin walls. The “right equipment and skills” coupled with “a little bit of luck” helped him capture an image that evokes the reflection of the day in 2001 that we all remember. In addition to photography, Marc has interests in meteorology, history, finance, and music.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Jeff Sagar — Dublin, OH

Jeff Sagar — Dublin, OH

October 2018

Jeff Sagar snapped a shot of this spectacular view in Yosemite Valley during a trip to California to visit relatives. Photography has been an interest of Jeff’s since he was a child — ever since his uncle loaned him a camera at a family reunion. He has always had a camera in hand and feels that “capturing the moment is a really special thing.” Jeff and his wife enjoy hiking, biking, and playing tennis.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Jerry Ennis — Kent, OH

Jerry Ennis — Kent, OH

November 2018

Jerry Ennis and his wife set out one morning to take autumn photos while vacationing in North Carolina. Some people they ran into during their travels mentioned Lake Logan as a great destination to visit, and it was there that Jerry captured the tranquil moment in Autumn on Lake Logan. The beauty of a lake in the fall is a memory that is familiar and recognizable to so many who have enjoyed this serene experience.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Elaine Walsh — Greenacres, FL

Elaine Walsh — Greenacres, FL

December 2018

After 30 years in Florida, Elaine Walsh moved back to her home state of New Jersey and was anxious to experience snow again. Finally, after several months, it happened. She went straight to the spot pictured, and within minutes after the shot was taken, the snow melted. She truly found herself in the right place at the right time. Elaine is now back in Florida and cherishes this photo that represents a special time in her life in the wide-open spaces of New Jersey.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Marty Saccone — Lubec, ME

Marty Saccone — Lubec, ME

Inside Front Cover 

During a snow squall last February, Marty Saccone was washing dishes and looking out his window when a robin landed on an apple tree in the back yard. He says this was a scene that lasted all winter, as the robin took dominion over the tree, eating apples left over from the fall, and chasing away all other birds. Marty took the featured photo that day for others to enjoy as well.

AARP Foundation 2018 Calendar Contest Winner, Peter Winiarski — Allendale, MI

Peter Winiarski — Allendale, MI

Back Cover

Peter Winiarski woke up on a foggy morning and was inspired to take pictures of what he saw outside. He went to his local park and waited for the sun to come up, and at the perfect moment when the sun broke through the fog, Peter captured it in the featured photo. For him, photography is for those who cannot experience something in person but can still enjoy the moment forever.

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