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AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Dan Holtz - Huntley, IL

AARP Foundation Calendar Contest Winners

The results are in, and once again AARP members came through with flying colors in our annual Calendar Contest. Our judges faced a monumental task combing through the tremendous number of entries that were submitted from across the country this year. But we think you’ll agree that they found great examples of this year’s theme, "Living the Dream," as seen through the eyes — and lenses — of members who found new joy in exploring the great outdoors.

A special thank you goes to all of those who submitted photographs, and to our judges: Haili Francis, Major Gifts Officer, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage; Steven D. Fleshman, Founder/Creative Partner, DR2; and Forrest MacCormack, professional photographer based in the Washington, D.C., area.

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Dan Holtz - Huntley, IL

October 2022

Fall Reflections

Dan found this picturesque autumn scene in New Hampshire while traveling from his home in Illinois. “Those two gentlemen who are fishing ... they are living the dream!” Dan dabbled in photography for many years but really developed an interest after acquiring his first digital camera. “I was fortunate to have a job with a good pension. Not everyone is so lucky. That’s why I contribute to AARP Foundation.” 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Tom Singelton - Brattleboro, VT

November 2022

Spanish Moss

Tom took this beautiful, atmospheric shot in South Carolina. “I’m living the dream when I’m down South, especially when my children and grandchildren are with me.” Tom first discovered his love of photography when his father gave him a camera as a wedding gift in 1963. Tom is a financial supporter of AARP Foundation. “Seniors are often left with few options, and it’s important to help those who need it.” 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Schuyler Grace - Mesa, AZ

December 2022

Snowy Four Peaks in Infrared 

Taken near his home in Arizona, Schuyler’s infrared photograph features the mountains in the Four Peaks Wilderness Area. Photography has been a hobby for Schuyler since he was a child, and he worked for many years with large-format cameras until converting to digital photography 10 years ago. “My wife and I support AARP Foundation. With the changing times, too many older people are being left behind.”

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Patti Barrett - San Diego, CA

January 2023

Winter Grandeur 

Even though she is a resident of southern California, Ms. Barrett submitted this wonderful winter landscape taken on a trip to Colorado. “It was a scene along a beautiful backroad. Being able to travel, that’s living my dream.” Photography is a relatively new hobby for Patti, having bought her first camera only eight years ago. “I’m so happy to support AARP Foundation. We can’t forget our seniors.” 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Cheryl Harris - Hartsville, Tennessee

February 2023

Looking Down

A resident of Tennessee, Cheryl has been a photographer her whole life and began focusing on the nature in her own backyard about 20 years ago. “I love this place; it’s my dream ... a wonderful spot to live your life. I like to photograph birds, and even though it was a gray, winter morning, I spotted this beautiful cardinal on my magnolia, sitting above my birdfeeder.” 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Peter Scifres - Westlake Village, CA

March 2023

The River of Dreams 

Peter found this picturesque waterfall while on a trip to Iceland, managing to take this shot despite the rain and mist. “Being able to travel to and photograph beautiful outdoor spots such as this ... that’s living the dream for me.” But Peter also recognizes that everyone doesn’t have the same advantages. “Those of us who have been able to retire comfortably need to watch out for those who can’t.”

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Bruce Hogle - Leawood, KS

April 2023

Little Jerusalem Badlands 

At a state park in Kansas, Bruce took his photo at sunset. He acquired his first camera as a Boy Scout ... a Kodak Brownie. “Photography has changed my life. It has allowed me to see extraordinary places, and I’ve met a large number of people and new friends.” Concerning the work of AARP Foundation, Bruce says, “There are so many people who need help.” 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Dawn Buannic - Lewes, De

May 2023

Spring is Here! 

These beautiful flowers were near Dawn’s home in Delaware. “The colors are energizing to me. This photo symbolizes everything coming back to life after winter.” Dawn bought her first camera 50 years ago, “and it’s been a wonderful hobby ever since.” She adds “AARP Foundation does great work, and during these difficult times, it’s important to take care of our seniors and support one another.”

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Kristin Vaden - Spring Valley, CA

June 2023

Crashing Waves

“I’m living my dream of seeing the world,” Kristin told us. “Photographs such as this one in Hawaii allow me to remember what this beautiful Earth has to offer.” Living in California, she focuses on landscapes and has loved photography since childhood, when she used her parent’s Kodak 110 “with the old-fashioned square flash cubes.” Concerning AARP Foundation’s work, Kristin says, “so many are struggling, and we need to help.”

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Karen Davis - Mechanicsville, VA

July 2023

Forever in Peace... 

Taken at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, Karen’s photograph represents the dream that all Americans live. “America itself was a dream of the founding fathers, and it’s a symbol of the strength and resilience of our nation.” A resident of Virginia, Karen is also a volunteer for AARP Foundation and has taught workshops to seniors about avoiding fraud and how to declutter their homes. 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Cheryl Beilman - Newport, MI

August 2023

One Great Reflection of United States 

Cheryl is an enthusiastic personality from Michigan who obviously enjoys her life. She told us, “I’m living the dream by traveling and photographing the world!” Her photograph was taken in Maine. “I thought the outline of the reflected water resembled the United States, which led to my name for this photograph.” Cheryl is also an avid supporter of AARP Foundation’s work. “So many others are not as fortunate as me.” 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Jerry Gauvin - Mount Airy, NC

September 2023

Good Morning Hiker

Jerry is a longtime photographer and even had his own darkroom before converting to digital photography. “The outdoors has been a major part of my life, and I’m living my dream by continuing to live in nature.” He took this photograph while hiking on Pilot Mountain in his state of North Carolina. “I’m ecstatic that my photo will help AARP Foundation and aid seniors in need.”

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Scott Young - Tuscon, AZ

October 2023

New Mexico Sunset 

“My dream is to have the freedom to explore,” says Scott, who took this gorgeous photo while visiting the Bisti Badlands in New Mexico, next door to his state of Arizona. He always had an interest in photography and has been developing his hobby since retiring in 2015. “It’s often difficult for retirees to make ends meet,” Scott says regarding his support for AARP Foundation. “And I’m glad to help!”. 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Leona Jordan - Tulsa, OK

November 2023

Eastern Meadowlark

Leona focuses her camera on the wildlife which live around her in Oklahoma. “I loved this beautiful bird and had to get its photo!” She began her hobby when her husband, Jim, provided a camera when she retired. “Just being out and enjoying nature, seeing the wildlife ... that’s a dream for me.” The Jordans are supporters of AARP Foundation. “There’s a great need for their work,” Leona told us. 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Bob Mindock- Wausau, WI

December 2023

Sunlit Frost

Bob's photograph was taken at Rib Mountain State Park in his state of Wisconsin. “We had several days of fog, but when the sun emerged, it just seemed like a magical scene.” Bob started as a sports photographer in high school but now captures the beauty of nature. Today, he is retired and has time to slow down and pursue his interests, including photography. He adds, “That’s living my dream!” 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Bob Schoknecht - Troy, OH

Inside Cover

West Milton Cascades

“I really love waterfalls! It’s a major element of my work,” says Bob, who found this isolated spot near his community in Ohio. “Great pictures already exist in nature ... you just have to find them.” He and his spouse are proud supporters of AARP Foundation. “We donate because many others do not have the resources that my wife and I have. We are happy to do what we can.” 

AARP Foundation 2023 Calendar Contest Winners

Christine Shlagor - New Era, MI

Back Cover

Maple Amidst the Birches

While on an excursion in her native state of Michigan, Christine spotted this view while driving and pulled over to grab this beautiful shot. “Living the dream is being able to stop and enjoy the nature around you.” She has pursued photography as a hobby since retiring. “I definitely support their mission,” Christine says of her support for AARP Foundation. “I’m blessed, but so many seniors are struggling.”

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