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AARP Foundation works to ensure that low-income vulnerable older Americans have nutritious foodaffordable housing, a steady income, and strong and sustaining social bonds. We collaborate with individuals and organizations who share commitment to innovation and our passion for problem-solving. Supported by vigorous legal advocacy, we create and advance effective solutions that help struggling older adults transform their lives. AARP Foundation is AARP's affiliated charity.


Be Part of the Solution

Help AARP Foundation win back opportunity for struggling Americans 50 and over.

Charity Rating

AARP Foundation earns high rating for accountability from a leading charity evaluator.

Foundation In Action

Disrupt the Status Quo

“Business as usual” approaches are not sufficient to address our nation’s senior poverty crisis. We need a larger response and a whole new way of thinking and acting. AARP Foundation wants to move beyond current safety net solutions to build permanent pathways out of poverty. We’re pairing real needs with innovative solutions that don’t just put a patch on the problem, but transform lives.

Build Local Capacity

We reach more people by developing interventions that start local and grow nationwide. Senior poverty is a national concern. That's why we're investing in bold, widespread campaigns that address national issues, but work at the local level.

Partner To Help More Seniors

Innovation requires taking risks and trying new approaches. To be effective stewards of donor dollars, AARP Foundation approaches innovation in a rapid but disciplined manner that includes research, concept design, and testing for every new program.

Advocate For Older Americans In the Courts

Shining a light on the invisible struggles of older adults has motivated us from the start. For decades we have been an advocate in the nation’s courts for the rights of people 50 and older. We work daily to challenge discrimination and protect older women and men from injustice. Our legal advocacy initiatives ensure that people age 50 and older have a voice in the laws and policies that affect their daily lives.

Pilot Solutions With a Startup Mentality

Innovation requires taking risks and trying new approaches. We look at hard data and then assess how the data can inform interventions with national reach and local impact to pioneer new approaches to the challenges facing older adults.

Measure Our Impact To Ensure Results

Results matter. We analyze data to learn what works in order to expand high impact interventions across the country. And, if the numbers don’t add up, we’re not afraid to pull the plug on a program.


Engage People Across Generations

Senior poverty affects all of us — not just older adults. When we look at the older and younger generations, we see opportunities for each generation to reach out, learn from each other, and discover new ways to connect and improve their lives and their futures.

Call Volunteers To Action

AARP Foundation is creating opportunities for people of all ages to join us by volunteering to create a better future for older adults. Each year 3 million providers, hard workers and community members regain control of their futures thanks in part to the help of 36,000 volunteers.

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Featured Programs & Services

AARP Foundation SCSEP

55 or older, unemployed and looking for work? The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) can help you get on-the-job training.

Work for Yourself at 50+

AARP Foundation's Work for Yourself @50+ provides free tools and resources to help you become self-employed and improve your financial situation.


We are partnering with workforce services providers to strengthen the bridge between 50+ job candidates and respected employers.

AARP Foundation Experience Corps

Experience Corps is a literacy program that utilizes highly trained volunteers age 50 and over to help struggling students become great readers.