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AARP Foundation Experience Corps is looking for adults 50 years and older interested in tutoring K-3 students who are struggling to read.

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AARP Foundation Experience Corps: Stories from Families

A Significant Change
Hector Alvarez, parent

As a parent I've seen a significant change in my daughter's ability to write, read and identify words. I give a lot of credit to the wonderful tutors from the Generations Incorporated (host to Experience Corps Greater Boston).

She's the One Who Made Cassie Love to Read
Elizabeth Hardy, mother of Cassie Hardy, Kenney School

We're trying to get in touch with the Generations Incorporated (host to Experience Corps Boston) tutor because we want to invite her to Cassie's First Communion. She has to be there. She's the one who made Cassie love to read!

I really didn't know what was wrong
Iesha Lewis, student's mother
New York

"She wasn't reading to me at all before the tutoring. She would read 'cat' and 'dog,' only words that are so common. I was extremely worried. I really didn't know what was wrong. Now she reads with the other kids.”

A Wonderful Source
Paulette Gray, grandmother of Kaydriana Gray, Nathan Hale School

Generations Incorporated (host to Experience Corps Boston) has been a wonderful source of tutoring for Kaydriana. She loves Ms. McDonald. I have been invited to the different activities at the school and see how much the tutors help the children. Ms. McDonald always had that special little extra mile to go with the children.

Thank you
Parent at family outreach event

We are very impressed with Farah's reading progress. Thank you for your work with our daughter.

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