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AARP Experience Corps is looking for adults 50 years and older interested in tutoring K-3 students who are struggling to read.

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AARP Experience Corps Cleveland

AARP Experience Corps is hosted by Greater Cleveland Volunteers. The program engages adults age 50-plus to tutor students in kindergarten through third grade in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Tutors help students develop fundamental literacy skills so they can succeed in school and in life. Over 25% of our tutors have been with the program for 7 or more years.

Volunteer tutors are trained prior to starting in the school and then throughout the school year by Literacy Specialist/Trainer. A Literacy Booster conducts peer-peer trainings monthly and serves as a literacy resource in each of the 13 schools. The students in the program benefit not only from the one-on-one academic assistance, but also from the mentoring relationship that develops between themselves and the volunteers. AARP Experience Corps volunteer members benefit from this caring relationship and from being able to share their love of reading and wider life experiences with children in need.

Program Launch: 1997

Program Data (2012-2013 school year)

  • Schools served: 13
  • Students served: 1,065    
  • Volunteer members: 178
  • Hours logged: 46,150
  • Classrooms served: 97

Program Impact

In the 2012-2013 school year:

  • Teachers Rated tutor impact on student behavior as Moderate or Strong with improvement of 71% in attendance; 76% disruptive behavior; 90% improved participation or concentration in class.
  • Teachers rated tutor impact on student reading as moderate or strong.  90% reported impact on reading and literacy performance and 91% rated tutor impact on moving student toward reading on grade level.
  • Volunteer tutors stated that tutoring expanded their social network; stayed physically and mentally active; and expanded personal learning opportunities.

Debra Kay
Project Director
Greater Cleveland Volunteers
216-391-9500, ext. 119

Featured Quote

Several years ago I had the privilege of seeing Experience Corps in operation at Miles School here in Cleveland. I was so impressed with the program. When I became a principal, I inquired how I could get this program at my school because I understood the validity of the program and the impact it could have on my students at Captain Arthur Roth School. The impact on my students is extraordinary. I have found that the academics of the students involved in this program to be positive to both the school and to the teachers. I have also found that the bonding between the students and the Experience Corps members is absolutely amazing. I cannot say enough to applaud the efforts of this program.

—Conrad E. Hamlet, principal, Captain Arthur Roth Elementary School