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Staying Sharp: Brain Health Vitality

Staying Sharp facts to keep your brain happy

Staying Sharp - Brain Health Vitality


We know relationships are important to you. They are also important for your brain! A 2015 study shows that seeing a movie or starting a weekly game night not only helps to preserve cognitive abilities, but helps reduce stress and decrease risk of dementia.


Find an activity to do with your friends or family and help reduce your risk of dementia 30 to 40 percent. After all, it is hard to refute the research showing people who are physically active tend to have better memory and brain function.


Did you know your brain is like a muscle? To make it stronger, you have to use it! Learning something may seem scary, but it can help strengthen how effectively your brain works. Not into quilting? Try learning a new language or check out other ideas.


Ever wonder why you can't remember things as well after a bad night of sleep? Poor sleep can lead to impaired memory and affect adaptability. Try to get more rest, take a walk or watch a funny video to counteract the effects of chronic stress and minimize the impact it has on your brain.


Feel sluggish after certain meals? Certain foods, like those high in saturated fat (such as beef and cheese) take longer to process. And those foods may cause memory loss and cognitive decline. Try a brain healthy diet instead, high in monounsaturated fats (like olive oil and avocados) to keep your brain healthy and you in tip top shape.

Ready to take control of your brain health? Take Staying Sharp's assessment today for the first steps toward a stronger healthier brain. With a paid subscription of $35.99 per year, you’ll receive personalized assessment results, access to premium games, recipes and much more!

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