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Every year AARP Foundation helps millions of struggling Americans 50+ win back opportunity. We could do nothing, however, without the individuals and institutions that so generously shared their resources with us.


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AARP Foundation Grant Helps Older Workers Find Full-Time Work

(, March 2014) 12 community colleges nationwide were selected for the BACK TO WORK 50+ initiative. Read

First Nations Development Institute to Address Food Security of Native Elders

(, March 2014) AARP Foundation has granted $250,000 to fund a project to address hunger, nutrition and food insecurity among Native American tribal elders. Read

The Meals On Wheels Association of America Receives $350,000 Grant From AARP Foundation

(GlobeNewswire, Oct. 9) - The Meals On Wheels Association of America announced today that AARP Foundation provided $350,000 to fund a research study that evaluates costs and benefits of Meals on Wheels. Read

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Food Drive Fueled by AARP Foundation Stats

(Lakeland Ledger, Fla., March 25) - Citing statistics from AARP Foundation on the nearly 9 million 50+ adults at risk of hunger, Florida's Lakeland Ledger reports that several Polk County organizations, including Cornerstone Hospice, have launched a Feeding Families Food Drive. Read



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Hunger News

Hunger, Other Issues Increasingly Seen As Health Problems

(USNEWS, February 13) -  US News & World Report reports on the growing trend in the medical community of treating what are traditionally thought of as social problems as health issues, noting “addressing issues like hunger, housing and education can have more of an impact on people’s health than the traditional medical services hospitals deliver.” Read

Broader Dialogue Urged To Address Hunger As A Health Issue

(Huffington Post, Feb. 12) - Underscoring the “epidemic impacts” of poor nutrition, obesity and hunger on public health, in the Huffington Post, Ambassador Tony Hall, Executive Director of the Alliance to End Hunger, says that hunger “among children, seniors, pregnant women and other adults has an effect on all aspects of wellness, from chronic disease to mental illness.” Read



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Income News

Are Boomers Confident About Retirement Saving? Survey Says No.

(Marketwatch, April 2) - A new survey by the Insured Retirement Institute notes a marked drop in the last two years in boomers' confidence that they are saving enough for retirement. Read

Older Americans Adding to Debt to Help Relatives

(Marketplace, March 27) - Recent studies indicate that 50+ Americans now carry more credit card debt than those under 50, the first time for such a swing. And a good portion of that debt comes from older Americans helping out struggling relatives. Read

Challenges Face Those Who Want to Continue Working

(Huffington Post, March 21) - In her most recent blog, Sara Rix, senior strategic policy advisor with the AARP Public Policy Institute, notes that although many older Americans want to keep working, challenges such as ill health, job loss and caregiving responsibilities often still stand in the way; however, ongoing improvements in employment options continue to make "working close to forever" highly appealing. Read



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Housing News

Housing Is Biggest Expense for Seniors

(Senior Housing News, April 1) - A Social Security Administration report indicates that housing expenses lead all others among those 50+, and that both the poorest and those at the lower end of the age spectrum are hit the hardest. Read

Older Adults Turn to Co-Housing to Save Money

(WCBS-TV, March 26) - Across the country, more than 100 developments feature small homes clustered around communal buildings, in some cases including communal kitchens; establishing ground rules for shared space is key. Read

Nearly Half of Older Workers Will Use Home Equity for Retirement

(NYT, Feb. 5) - A recent survey found, surprisingly, that 47 percent of workers between 50 and 70 plan to rely on the equity in their homes to finance their retirement despite the widespread loss in home values. They may have no other choice. Read

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The Latest
Isolation News

Documentary Details Challenges Facing LGBT Seniors Seeking Care

(Ventura County Star, Calif., Jan. 15) - "Gen Silent" follows the stories of six LGBT seniors needing care but afraid, for various reasons, to ask for help. The documentary mentions how AARP and other organizations are offering help, such as providing information on LGBT-friendly care and other resources. Read

Old, Frail and in Harm's Way

(N.Y. Times, Nov. 5) - In a major disaster like Hurricane Sandy, the frail elderly often need more than the help of family and friends. Read

Isolation News Archive

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