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Frequently Asked Questions

<h3 style="background: #808080; color: #FFFFFF;"><span>How do I apply for a grant from AARP Foundation?</span></h3>

AARP Foundation opens its grant application window several times throughout the year through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. During this time, qualified organization can apply online. Currently, there are no open grants rounds; announcements for open grant rounds will be publicized on Please be aware that AARP Foundation will only consider funding opportunities made online through the open grant round process.

<h3 style="background: #808080; color: #FFFFFF;"><span>I am an individual seeking financial assistance. Am I eligible for a grant?</span></h3>

No. AARP Foundation does not provide grants to individuals.

<h3 style="background: #808080; color: #FFFFFF;"><span>I have materials I want to submit along with my request for funding. How do I send them?</span></h3>

Requests for funding will be submitted through an online proposal submission system, which requires the mandated documents to be uploaded at the time of application. Please submit only the requested forms or documents.

<h3 style="background: #808080; color: #FFFFFF;"><span>I am raising money for a cause. Am I eligible for a grant?</span></h3>

No. AARP Foundation makes grants only to legally incorporated, nonprofit institutions and organizations recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, not to individuals.

<h3 style="background: #808080; color: #FFFFFF;"><span>How are the Foundation and AARP related?</span></h3>

AARP Foundation is AARP's affiliated charity, but the two are separate legal entities that are tax exempt under different sections of the Internal Revenue Code. AARP is a social welfare organization tax exempt under Section 501(c)(4), while AARP Foundation is a charitable organization tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3). Both organizations work to ensure that older Americans can live their best life as they age.

<h3 style="background: #808080; color: #FFFFFF;"><span>The program for which I am seeking support helps people of all ages, including children. Would it be eligible for a grant?</span></h3>

Yes. We encourage multigenerational projects but expect that the majority of the grant funds would provide assistance to low-income older people.

<h3 style="background: #808080; color: #FFFFFF;"><span>Throughout your website, the word "vulnerable" appears a lot. How does AARP Foundation define "vulnerable"?</span></h3>

We use the word "vulnerable" to mean unprotected or unguarded, someone who is susceptible to injury or hardship. This does not mean that a vulnerable person will always be helpless or unable to defend himself, but that this person needs help now to keep the situation from getting worse. AARP Foundation is dedicated to giving people in need a hand up, to provide assistance so that they will be capable of helping themselves.

<h3 style="background: #808080; color: #FFFFFF;"><span>What are the minimum and maximum funding amounts AARP Foundation grants will provide?</span></h3>

We do not want to stipulate exact budget amounts. We pay close attention to the budget submitted with the proposal, to ensure that it is well thought out and covers all necessary costs of the program. At the same time, we do not have the resources to engage in open-ended funding. We are responsible to our donors for ensuring that their resources are treated with care and respect, and that we are accountable to them not only for the funds we spend, but for the results we achieved with these funds.

<h3 style="background: #808080; color: #FFFFFF;"><span>Can government agencies apply for grants from AARP Foundation?</span></h3>

Yes. As a government agency, you can apply but the agency must be manually verified. Please send an email to  You should attach a copy of the legislative act creating a board or commission or a letter from an authorized government official confirming the status of the government entity. Our service team will notify you with a decision.


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