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Drive aware with AARP SafeTripTM

Make every trip safer. The new AARP SafeTrip app gives you valuable insights into how you drive, shows you how you stack up to other users and rewards your successes.



Safe driving you can see

AARP SafeTrip is a free smartphone app that lets you securely monitor key driving behaviors like braking, accelerating, cornering and so on—proven indicators of safe driving practices and crash prevention. So you can more clearly see how you're doing and how you can improve.

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Your driving data is yours

The information AARP SafeTrip collects More about your driving belongs to you and will not be sent to your insurance company. See our privacy policy. See less

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Members get more

AARP members enjoy the ability More to earn 50% more AARP Rewards points. See less

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Watch our short AARP SafeTrip video

Got a minute to spare? Get all the highlights of the new AARP SafeTrip app by clicking to view our video.

Discover the rewards of safe driving

AARP SafeTrip does more than just help you learn from your driving patterns. It also includes fun and motivating features that can lead to bragging rights, achievement badges and other perks.

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Score AARP Rewards points

Use AARP SafeTrip to improve your driving More and you can earn AARP Rewards points that can be turned into discounted gift cards, sweepstakes entries and more. See less

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Earn achievement badges

Safe drivers should be recognized. More Reach specific landmarks and you'll automatically receive achievement badges that highlight your accomplishments. See less

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Compare your driving scores

Our leaderboard lets you see how your driving More measures up to other AARP SafeTrip users. Plus, users can even share scores with friends and family. See less

Easy to download and use.

It takes just minutes to download and start using the AARP SafeTrip app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.


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AARP SafeTrip FAQs

How does the AARP SafeTrip app work?

AARP SafeTrip is a smartphone app for iOS and Android that gives you feedback about your driving, helping you become a safer and better driver. AARP SafeTrip gathers data from your smartphone’s position and inertial sensors and measures driving quality based on:

- Hard acceleration

- Hard braking

- Hard cornering

- Speeding

- Phone usage while driving

Does it cost money to download and use AARP SafeTrip?

There is no charge to download or use the app. However, your wireless service provider's connectivity or usage rates may apply. Also, AARP SafeTrip does not include any in-app purchases.

Is my AARP SafeTrip data shared with anyone else?

Respecting your privacy is an important part of our commitment to providing an excellent service and product. Your personal information and individually collected data will be treated as described in the AARP privacy policy. AARP will share a user’s name, email address and other limited information needed with its service providers to connect a user’s AARP SafeTrip account to the user’s AARP Rewards account and provide services—see AARP’s privacy policy for more information on AARP’s data sharing practices (Privacy Policy). The information AARP SafeTrip collects about your driving belongs to you and will not be sent to your insurance company.

Will the email and password I use for work for the AARP SafeTrip app?

Yes, you can sign into the app with the same email and password that you use for your AARP online account. If you don’t have an AARP online account and would like to set one up, click here to create an account. Or, if you’re having trouble signing in, or still have a question, please contact us.

Do I have to be an AARP member to use the app?

No, anyone can use the AARP SafeTrip app, but AARP members have the additional benefit of earning 50% more AARP Rewards points than non-members. Click here If you’d like to become a member.

What are AARP Rewards points and how can I earn them by using the AARP SafeTrip app?

AARP Rewards is AARP’s free loyalty program where you can learn and earn points on health videos, saving quizzes, retirement calculators, crossword puzzles and more. Redeem your points for sweepstakes entries, discounted gift cards, local deals, and AARP member exclusives. AARP SafeTrip users can earn AARP Rewards points for taking your first trip with the app, achieving a 4+ star rating for a specific driving behavior, and more. You must be an AARP Rewards participant to be eligible. AARP Rewards is open to anyone, but AARP Members earn 50% more points on all earn activities and access exclusive rewards.

How can I become an AARP Rewards participant?

Visit to learn more and enroll in AARP Rewards.

Is AARP SafeTrip compatible with my smartphone?

AARP SafeTrip should be compatible with most new or late-model iPhone and Android devices. However, certain models do not have the necessary hardware that AARP SafeTrip needs to record your trips. The best way to check your phone’s compatibility is to go to the Apple Store or Google Play (depending on your device) and search for “AARP SafeTrip.” If your phone has the necessary features to make it compatible with AARP SafeTrip, the app appears as downloadable in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Isn’t it dangerous to use the AARP SafeTrip app while driving?

AARP strongly recommends against looking at or interacting with your smartphone while driving. Because AARP SafeTrip works in the background as you drive, all data is recorded without the need to open the app or adjust any settings. Once your drive is over and you’re safely parked, you can review your trip results.

Does AARP SafeTrip require an internet connection?

Internet access is required to process and score any new trips. This internet connection can come from a Wi-Fi network or a cellular network. If the smartphone is not connected to the internet when new trip data is ready to be uploaded or newly scored trips are ready to be downloaded, the upload/download will happen automatically when the internet connection is available.

An active internet connection is not required to record trip data or view the results of prior trips.

Still have a question?

Please contact us.