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Four African-American female friends

Let’s talk about…racial justice

Discussions of race and social justice issues have been in the news and in our everyday lives. But if we choose to have these conversations, it’s important to protect our mental health and boundaries. Recently, AARP’s Senior Vice President for Multicultural Leadership, Edna Kane-Williams, shared thoughts on how we all can openly engage in these discussions. If you’re ready, please join the conversation here, too.

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Welcome to the Sisters from AARP community. We celebrate Black women and connect readers who care about health, wealth and self. If you want to discuss what matters with girlfriends who “get you,” you’ve come the right place! Whether we talk about money and careers, sex and intimacy, health and wellness, movies and music, or faith and family, no topic is off limits. This is real talk for real sisters. Join the conversation!

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