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Let’s Talk About: The Challenges of Coping in the Age of Coronavirus

What a difference a week makes. In the last seven to 10 days, foot traffic has plummeted in cities and towns across the country as residents heed the advice to stay home. A daily drumbeat of travel disruptions, business shutdowns, and the cancellation of events has led to frayed nerves. How are you staying sane? Tell us by joining the conversations below.

About The Girlfriend Community

Welcome to The Girlfriend Community, a place for women ages 40+ to convene, confab, commiserate and to learn more about the ways life is affecting us right now.

We’ll share real stories and key info about our changing health needs, evolving relationships, work and financial goals, and the latest, hottest trends. Just like a Girlfriend, we talk about everything. Nothing is off limits. So come join the conversation, because everybody needs a Girlfriend.