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AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide

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AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide is:

  • Completely free — there's no charge for the service
  • Confidential — we respect and protect your privacy
  • Convenient — appointments with our trained Property Tax-Aide volunteers are in-person, by phone or virtual
  • A time saver — we check your eligibility and complete the application in one appointment
  • AARP membership is not required


Since its inception in 2019, Property Tax-Aide has served over 20,000 people with an  estimated benefit of $10 million in property tax relief.

Property Tax-Aide Helps Older Adults Secure Property Tax Relief

Residential property tax refund and credit programs exist in nearly every state, including the District of Columbia, but few people know about them or the process to apply may be too complex. Property Tax-Aide simplifies the application process with our innovative online tool paired with trained Property Tax-Aide volunteers. Volunteers use the screener tool to determine eligibility and help participants apply for property tax refunds or credits.

Property Tax-Aide is currently in 13 states and localities with plans for further expansion. Learn more

“…this will be used to straighten up
my mortgage issues--I’ve fallen behind.”

-- 62-year-old DC homeowner &
Property Tax-Aide Participant

Property Tax-Aide works with community-based organizations to provide a free best-in-class FinTech tool — the Property Tax-Aide Digital Tool — to empower older adults to gain access to millions in property tax relief throughout the nation. Learn more

Volunteer to Help Your Community with AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide

Property Tax-Aide provides volunteers thorough training and ongoing support so they can help vulnerable adults access property tax relief in their community. Volunteers use our innovative Property Tax-Aide Digital Tool to quickly determine eligibility and simplify the application process. Learn more

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