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Don’t take chances with your finances.

Prevent investment fraud. Learn how to make informed decisions to protect your money.


Being prepared can stop scams before they have a chance.

“Is It a Scam or Is It Real?”

Looks can be deceiving. See how prepared you are for the scammers.

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The Imposter Scam Strikes Again

If anyone offers you a "recovery fee" for lost investments, beware.

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Educate yourself on how to make sound financial decisions.

What You Need to Know About Fraud

Watch to learn to detect and avoid fraud.

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“Can You Spot a Scam” Quiz

Scammers won't stand a chance once you know what to look out for.

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Take the right steps to avoid the wrong ones.

5 Tips to Avoid Investment Fraud

5 invaluable ways that you can prevent fraud before it happens.

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Common Investment Scams to Avoid

Stay informed about everyday fraud tactics.

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