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Age Discrimination

Fighting for What’s Right

When college instructors Julie Taaffe and Kathy Moon were forced out of their jobs because of age discrimination, our legal team took their employer to court. Now they are back where they belong.

Workplace Discrimination

AARP Backs Bipartisan Bill to Protect Older Workers

AARP testifies against age bias during the pandemic

Workplace Age Discrimination Still Flourishes in America

It's time to step up and stop the last acceptable bias

Face-to-Face Job Interviews Can Trigger Age Bias

Older applicants are hired at lower rates after meeting hiring managers in person, study finds

7 Signs You've Been a Victim of Age Discrimination

Here's what to look for if you think you've suffered from workplace age bias

What Millennials Need to Know About Age Discrimination

Bias in the workplace a growing concern

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