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Workforce Trends: An AARP Study of Employers and Workers in Puerto Rico

Two AARP surveys in Puerto Rico suggest that to prevent a labor shortage within their companies, employers in Puerto Rico need to address the retaining and recruiting of older employees. In July and August 2007, 400 employers in Puerto Rico completed a survey concerning issues pertaining to older workers, and 501 Puerto Rican workers and employment-seeking residents aged 40+ completed a survey concerning their employment as they aged.

The surveys found that:

  • Many of the desired employee qualities identified by these employers were the very ones they said existed in their workers ages 50 and older.
  • Many of the companies surveyed currently offer benefits and programs that are considered attractive to the 50+ worker and that correspond to the benefits that respondents to the worker survey said they would like to see an employer offer, such as health coverage, retirement savings plans, paid vacation and leave, and professional training opportunities.
  • Employers may want to consider additional benefits and programs, such as retiree health benefits, eldercare leave, alternative work arrangements, and employee financial planning programs.

AARP staff from the Puerto Rico State Office, Office of State and National Initiatives, and Knowledge Management contributed to the design and implementation of this study. Jennifer Sauer designed the survey and wrote the report. For more information about this survey please contact Jennifer Sauer at 202-434-6207. (39 pages)

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