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I'm 62 and planning to take my Social Security later this year. But I've already earned more than the yearly earnings limit for retirees who are between 62 and full retirement age. How will this affect my benefits?

En español | There is good news for you: There is a special rule that applies to earnings for one year, usually the year you retire.  You can get your Social Security check for any month you are retired.  Social Security will consider you to be retired if you earn gross wages of $1,420 or less and do not perform substantial services in self-employment (generally 45 hours or less for the month).  If you earn more the $1,420 in wages or work more the 45 hours in self-employment, Social Security withholds benefits for that month based on you total earnings for the calendar year.

For more information on the issue of working, see the Social Security publication "How Work Affects Your Benefits."

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