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Individual Accounts, Social Security, and the 2000 Election

Results from an AARP telephone survey of 2,000 adults age 18 and over during July 2000 conducted by Roper Starch Worldwide with analysis by Jeffrey Love, Ph.D. and Robert Vorek, Ph.D. of the AARP Research Group.

  • Most of those polled expect Social Security to be a major factor in their decision about which presidential candidate they will vote for.

  • While respondents generally support the two generic types of individual retirement savings plans suggested as changes to Social Security, this support quickly fades once they consider the possible consequences of particular carve-out and add-on proposals. The survey also assesses the strength of likely arguments against each approach to changing the system. (53 pages) 

Caregiver Costs

Caregiving Comes with Financial Burdens

In 2016, family caregivers spent on average just under $7,000 per year, or an average 20% of their income, on caregiving expenses.

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