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Social Security and 50+ Workers: A Survey of AARP Florida Members

Over half of AARP Florida members are retired and not looking for work, but nearly a third are still working. Focusing on the importance of economic security and health care as motivating factors, this mail survey of 1,089 Florida members explores why those who choose remain in the workforce do so.

It finds that...

  • 59 percent are extremely or very concerned about the safety of their pension benefits and retirement savings
  • 74 percent support keeping the Social Security system as close to the present system as possible (85 percent also see problems with the system)

Among the 308 members who have not yet retired, 67 percent anticipate continuing to work for as long as possible.

The top factors for deciding to work right now are...

  • needing money (76%)
  • saving for retirement (72%)
  • maintaining health insurance coverage (72%)
  • paying for out-of-pocket health care expenses and prescription drug costs (58%)

The mail survey of 1,089 randomly selected AARP members in Florida was conducted between April 13th and May 19th with the sample weighted by age to represent the proportion of three AARP member age-groups: 50 to 59 years, 60 to 74 years, and 75+ years. Survey participants were also asked about telecommunications and long-term care; their responses are included in the annotated questionnaire in the report’s appendix. Further information about the survey may be obtained by contacting Erica Dinger at 202-434-6176. (26 pages)