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How Will Boomers Fare at Retirement?

New evidence on the adequacy of boomers' retirement resources is presented in this Issue Paper by Barbara Butrica and Cori Uccello of the The Urban Institute. Among the key findings from their study are the following:

  • Baby boomers will accumulate more wealth and more real income at retirement than did previous generations, but late boomers will accumulate less wealth and receive no more income than early boomers.
  • Although boomers' real incomes will be higher than incomes of earlier cohorts, boomers' replacement rates will not exceed those of earlier cohorts, and late boomers will be less likely than current retirees to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living.
  • On the other hand, poverty rates will decline substantially over time.

This AARP Public Policy Institute Issue Paper, published in March 2004, was written by Barbara Butrica and Cori Uccello of The Urban Institute. For further information, please contact John Gist at 202/434-3872. (91 pages).