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AARP Reaches Out to Experienced Workers with New Jobs Initiative

AARP is launching a new jobs initiative called Work Reimagined to help connect experienced workers with companies that demonstrate openness to the value of experienced workers, nondiscriminatory HR policies and at least some immediate hiring needs.

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“There are over 450,000 people unemployed in Pennsylvania, and biggest challenge that we see in our state today is that people don’t have jobs, “ says Associate State Director for Communications Angela Foreshaw-Rouse. Once unemployed, older workers are, on average, out of work longer than their younger counterparts. A recent AARP Public Policy report states the unemployment rate for people aged 55 or older was 6.2 percent in July 2012.

Older jobseekers were unemployed for an average of 51.4 weeks in July 2012. By 2030, businesses could face a labor force shortage of 35 million workers, and the projected slowdown in labor force growth could translate into lower economic growth and living standards. Some businesses have already begun to recognize this problem and are taking steps to utilize the talent of our nation's seniors in the workforce. Unfortunately, barriers in pension law, shortcomings in job training programs, and family caregiving commitments make it difficult for older workers to keep working.

This is a major motivating force behind the decision to launch Work Reimagined – AARP’s jobs initiative created to connect workers with 20 or more years’ experience with satisfying jobs.

Work Reimagined is based on social networks. The website leverages the LinkedIn platform and includes specific job information, access to original and curated content, and advice and insights relevant to experienced workers in today’s job market.

Why LinkedIn? There are 160 million people on LinkedIn

The arrangement with LinkedIn is unique. LinkedIn geometrically expands your network of contacts “That’s how people are getting jobs today,” says Foreshaw-Rouse. “ It’s all about who you know.” Over 14 million people between 45 and 64 are on LinkedIn every month. With this initiative, AARP hopes to build relevance among experienced workers – people already in the workplace or who want to be.

Experienced Worker Pledge Program

Work Reimagined has three core components: the webpage, the LinkedIn page and the potential employers.

The key to this effort is the employer pledge: a commitment to the value of experienced workers, nondiscriminatory HR policies and at least some immediate hiring needs.

For those companies that post jobs on LinkedIn, job seekers can access those job listings directly on LinkedIn, and take advantage of unique content and LinkedIn-powered tools to aid in their search. The Work Reimagined site will also include companies that have jobs available, but don’t have a relationship with LinkedIn.

For information on these jobs, visitors will be directed to the individual company’s website.

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