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December Is a Good Month to Apply for a Job

While employers and recruiters are trying to meet goals, the number of applications drops off

Find a job in December


Now might be your chance to get ahead in your job search.

Finding a job, or switching to a second career, can be a challenge. Most people on the job market know you have to look for every little opportunity to get your foot in the door — and sometimes timing is everything.

December, for example, appears to be a good month to apply for new positions for a variety of reasons.

Some potential applicants are too busy: Now is your chance to outsmart the competition by just applying! We all know how hectic the holiday season can get, and many people put their job hunt on the back burner. This decreases the applicant pool and can work in your favor.

Employer Budgets: Typically Dec. 31 means the end of the fiscal year for employers, so they may be rushing to fill positions that they have in their budget. Managers don’t want to risk their boss eliminating a position because it’s been unfilled for so long. On the flip side, Jan. 1 means a new budget year for many employers, so they may be looking to hire for new positions that are funded at the start of the year. Yes, some may argue that managers aren’t hiring in December because they’re out of the office using up their vacation days — but not every manager!

Recruiters have goals to meet: Just like everyday workers, recruiters have yearly performance reviews and goals. They may be taking a fresh look at applicants in an effort to get them in front of a manager before or after the first of the year.

So, while family time is important during the holiday season, you might also just want to set aside time for you — to apply for jobs. After all, studies have found job satisfaction has an impact on your family life. 

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