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AARP Profit from Experience: Perspectives of Employers, Workers and Policymakers in the G7 Countries on the New Demographic Realities

Among the challenges and opportunities created by aging workforces, one of the biggest is the need to redefine both employees’ and employers’ notions of how and when a career evolves and transitions to retirement. How prepared are the world’s leading economies to address and respond to this changing dynamic?

With its comprehensive overview of aging workforce issues in the countries comprising the Group of Seven (G7) – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States – this AARP study breaks new ground by exploring how key stakeholders in these nations are responding to the aging workforce dynamic:

  • Governments, which need to ensure that they are economically competitive and that the social welfare benefits they provide are financially sound
  • Employers, who in light of the declining proportion of younger workers and projected shortages of skills in key areas, will increasingly need to turn to mature, experienced workers to gain and maintain a competitive advantage
  • Employees themselves, who are living longer and healthier lives and increasingly are more open to working beyond the traditional retirement ages both because they want to stay active and need to work to support themselves and their dependents


While this research found both commonalities and significant differences among the G7 countries on aging workforce issues, its findings suggest that, in a global seller’s market for talent, the countries and companies in the best position to compete are those that are investing the time today to understand the coming challenges and laying the groundwork for seizing future opportunities.

The report may be downloaded in its entirety or in individual sections below (all are in PDF format):

Conducted for AARP in early 2007 by Towers Perrin, a global professional services firm, the study utilized information drawn from previously published research, insights from local experts, new employee research and interviews with selected employers. Further information may be obtained by contacting Matthew Suntag of AARP International Affairs at 202-434-3727 or S. Kathi Brown of AARP Knowledge Management at 202-434-6296. (119 pages)