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Second Careers: Franchise Store Owner

He invested in a proven concept

Franchise store owner Miguel Escobar, 59, and his wife Maria Vidal-Escobar inside their pool store

Poon Watchara-Amphaiwan

Husband and wife Maria Vidal-Escobar and Miguel Escobar bought a pool and patio franchise.

MIGUEL ESCOBAR, 59 | $0 salary in first year

Home: Cypress, Texas

Previous life: Oil industry product manager

"If you are used to working hard, think about doing it for yourself."

Why he did it: My department was restructured in a downsizing. As I revised my CV and contemplated marketing myself as a 58-year-old, I also attended a seminar on entrepreneurship. I thought, all the hard work I’d have to do to restart my career could be used to benefit my own project.  

What he learned: The franchise concept appealed to my wife and me. We were buying into a proven business concept that would limit some of the risk. The franchisor, Pinch a Penny Pool Patio and Spa, helped us select the market area and helps with marketing and advertising design. We’re living on savings now, but our future income depends on our hard work.  

What you need to know: Select a franchise that complements skills you acquired in your previous career. Franchising allows boomers like us to start a business without having to build it from scratch.

Maria Vidal-Escobar and Miguel Escobar talk in front of their pool and patio franchise store

Sam Comen

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