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Second Careers: Flight Attendant

Retired pharmacist travels afar

Flight Attendant Venetia Clark stands beside a jet

Poon Watchara-Amphaiwan

VENETIA CLARK, 58 | $38,000 a year

Home: Frankfort, Ill.

Previous life: Pharmacist

"I decided I would live life to the fullest."

How she did it: In 2014 I was ready to retire as a pharmacist. I had a couple of friends who were flight attendants, and they suggested I apply. I thought, They’re not going to hire someone as old as me. But one did! I know for a fact that it was my experience in customer service that helped me stand out. If you are bilingual that can really help.

What she learned: The training is very rigorous. You start with eye and hearing exams, then go through firefighting training, first aid, self-defense and more.

What you need to know: Attendants start at about $20,000, but the income can go up to about $80,000. And you can’t beat the benefits.

Flight Attendant Venetia Clark disembarks a plane

Poon Watchara-Amphaiwan

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